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  • Girly Clothes (Narry Storan)
    3.1K 270 18

    In which Harry takes a interest in girl clothes. ©Copyright 2016 Smiley_Miley_

  • Protect Him L.S. (Slow Updates)
    68.7K 3.4K 13

    "Who's the weird boy?" "You'd better not talk about him like that." "Why not?" "See that guy over there?" "Yeah. What's he got to do with-" "That's his boyfriend, Louis." "Okay, so?" "If he hears you talk about Harry like that.." "He'll what?" "He'll kill you."

  • Peter Parker's Instagram Adventures
    28.7K 1K 91

    This is litterally just a book for the instagram chapters from Peter Parker Aventrues.

  • Instagram~l.s💚💙👑
    54.6K 1.7K 53

    Harry meets Louis and it just escalates from there. or Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson are both famous singers along with Harry being a model. when they meet up and collab along with some other friends, they start to get close, real close.

  • INFINITY. ━ tom holland!
    18.3K 911 17

    ❝Let's go! Let's go! To the infinity and beyond!❞ ❝How did I get tangled up in this mess with you?❞ IN WHICH LEO TATE CAPTURES TOM HOLLAND'S ATTENTION BY THROWING CRAPPY JOKES AROUND! ❪ tom holland x male!oc ❫ ❪ social media x real life ❫

    326K 19.5K 105

    "Shit, I think I have feelings for spider-man." ( tom holland - social media & real life ) © luminite 2018

  • In The Dark | Tom Holland [Social Media]
    202K 5.9K 103

    (Cover by @eleaellielle) After getting advice from his agent, singer Kingston Harleen moves into acting, even landing a job in 'Spiderman: Homecoming'. Little did the actor know that such a public profession would require such a public private life. [BoyxBoy story] [Social Media] [Complete] [Highest #16 in TomHolland...

    82.2K 4.4K 45

    ❝ there's no one else i'd rather eat cold sandwiches with. ❞ [ tom holland x male oc ] [ social media au ]

    74.4K 3.4K 34


  • Instagram// l.s.
    537K 15.9K 168

    long before we both thought the same thing. ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Started: 1/5/2018 Completed: 8/5/2018 *read Instagram II*

  • instagram - l.s
    113K 4.7K 37

    In which Harry's a famous youtuber and instagram model and Louis is a solo artist. [started: 18-01-29]

  • Healing Gabriel (BoyxBoy)
    4.6M 91.2K 53

    Haunted. Terrified. Alone. Those three words seem to be the only emotions that seventeen year old Gabriel Adams knows how to feel. At the age of thirteen, when other boys were chasing after pretty girls and playing in the dirt, Gabriel had been kidnapped and molested. Now, several years later, Gabriel still can't retu...

  • daddy's boy ~ grethan
    23.3K 1.7K 40

    Grayson wants to be alone forever, but when he runs into Ethan, all things change. WARNING: this contains graphic descriptions of rape, abuse, gore, mental issues, and kinks. this book also contains DDLB and mpreg. don't like it? don't fucking read it.

  • Saving Aaron (boyxboy)
    115K 3.8K 10

    Aaron smith is not your averages freshman going into high school. He is a depressed boy with anorexia, and he self-harms. His life at home is not to good with only his alcoholic father who beats and occasionally rapes him. A new student by the name of Dylan Ceballo is new to Newton High, he is your regular jock, plays...

  • T. A. L. K (Boyxboy)
    190K 9.2K 33

    Jake Holmes a simple young boy who's life was violently turned upside on a dime. After his graduation a life changing tragedy absorbed his life and his thoughts. Leaving his life in totally chaos with in his head.

  • bᎾᎽ x bᎾᎽ || ᏢᏒᎾᏆᎬᏟᏆᎥᏉᎬ ᎪᏞᏢhᎪ x shᎽ ᎾmᎬᎶᎪ ♡
    137K 4.2K 39

    I DON'T OWN ANY OF THE PICTURES IN THIS STORY James is a shy omega who has been both verbally and physically abused, he has huge social Anxiety and has recently been diagnosed with depression. He's afraid of finding his mate because he thinks he's worthless and doesn't deserve love. On the other hand Alex the alpha...

  • Spirits Hurt
    729 34 5

    The roommates have been noticing all the paranormal activity going on in their big home. Sam Golbach and that Oujia board really brought them in. What happens when Corey, Aaron, Elton, Sam, and Colby all go into the garage for their fourth video in the haunted garage and Colby gets hurt? Find out!

  • Are You Okay? // Colby Brock
    3K 158 17

    Basically a bunch of one shots about Colby accidentally getting hurt or being hurt. Feel free to leave a comment if you have any ideas!

  • Split Second- Brolby
    1.1K 39 10

    Colby has been different since suicide forest, and when i say different, i mean something happened there, and i changed my best friend, and not for the better.

  • Brolby Save me [COMPLETE]
    47.7K 1.4K 36

    Colby is getting abused by his father. Brennen is getting worried. (First story please vote and comment what you think and prepare for the cringe on how terrible I write...made cringe edit on the photo) [COMPLETE]

    Completed   Mature
  • Brolby
    18.6K 460 28

    Colby is secretly in love with Brennen and doesn't know what to do. Brennen loves Colby but tries to deny it to himself. He hurts Colby without even realizing it. Colby thinks about talking to Sam about it, but are they really friends anymore? What about Corey? He believes Corey is like his older brother. In this worl...

  • Hurting
    25.5K 620 25

    Colby is broken. His thoughts are getting to him, eating him alive. Sam and Colby get into a fight. Colby wants to tell him that he loves him more than a friend. Will the Sam and Colby ever been the same again?

  • •Ťhê §üićiđë Bŕïđģe•
    1.9K 119 11


  • Spideypool Oneshots
    24.4K 1.1K 42

    ⚠️WARNING: GAY⚠️ I write Spideypool but not smut because I'm not like that I guess. I'll update when I have time and write 400-1000 word parts. It'll vary based on the story. My titles suck too. I love Marvel Comics so I thought this would be a fun thing to write. (I do not ship Deadpool with 15 year old Spider-Man...

  • ɱơཞ℘ɧɛơųʂ 【Tony Stark | Peter Stark | Pepper Stark】
    43.2K 1.1K 17

    Oneshoots for the Stark's family story! Find out more about the famous couple Tony and Pepper Stark and their lovely boy, Peter Stark. The second book of: Andromeda ⚠️Very terrible English grammar⚠️

  • An Abused Orphan [Spider-Son FanFic]
    226K 6.6K 17

    ||#9 in 'adoption' ~ 7/15/2019 || Peter Parker is an orphan that lives at Golden Kids Orphanage. Ever since he was six he's been an orphan, and now he's fifteen, still searching for parents. Suddenly Peter Parker gets a Stark Internship, and begins to work with his idol the one the only, Tony Stark. But Tony begins to...

    Completed   Mature
  • Babydaddy (Larry Stylinson)
    135K 3.5K 33

    Harry is set in arranged marriage to a man named Joseph. However, Joseph is a mean abusive man who hurts Harry in verbal and physical ways. Then one night Joseph goes in when Harry is sleeping and he harasses him. Later Harry learns he is pregnant and he must keep the baby away from Joseph so he fleds off to L.A. and...

  • A "Happy" Life - Larry (Mpreg)
    295K 10.3K 31

    Louis and Harry. Harry and Louis. The world's favorite gay couple. They were living their lives to the fullest along with their bandmates and each other. How much could this 'happy' life last after Eleanor's appearance? What is going to happen when Harry's world turns upside down? When a little bump makes its way in h...

  • Smile, Sugah! *larry au* (mpreg)
    147K 7K 18

    "Smile, Sugah!" "Lou, I don't want to be on camera right now." "But you promised we could vlog everyday when you reached your second trimester!" • In which Louis vlogs Harry's pregnancy.