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    What makes a human being unique? Different from other living beings? This is a question that everyone of us has come across at one point of life or the other, and undoubtedly different people have different opinions in this regard. But that one thing that everyone will agree to is 'the way human beings communicate'. T...

  • An_incident_that changed_our_lives (Completed)
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    It's a story about our beloved Swasan. The story is about the incidents that changed the life of Swara and sanskar Swara opened the envelope and saw the photos tears blurred her vision.... And plus there was an audio recording in it.... She listened and all she could hear was Sanskar and the girls mourns and groans an...

  • We are meant to be together
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    Couples: Swasan, Abhiya and Arshi Cover credits: @SamairaRajput "I know that she is born for me", said a boy. "How come you are so sure?", asked another boy. "You will know that when you see her eyes and all you find is love and care for you, then you will know that you are meant to be together and in her eyes, I saw...

  • Mysterious Sanskar And Innocent Teenage Swara
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    My new story.. Based on real life story.. Story and writing credits gose to me #pinky Peep in to read this book.. Few shots..18+

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    Born with a silver spoon, he got everything that he wanted. But could not get the thing he needed- LOVE. His heartbeat echoed with her. Will she be able to change him? Join the journey of a superstar, Sanskar Maheshwari and his lady love- Dr Swara Bose.

  • love?????? season 4... swasan three shots
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  • Game of Betrayal
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    #2 on Mystery-Thriller "Betrayal betrays the betrayer." - Annonymous Sanskar: "It was always professional, but you made it personal Ms. Swara Mehra. Now you have to face the menace Sanskar Maheshwari. And I promise, I will ruin your life to the fullest. You will regret to mess up with me for each moment of your upcomi...

  • Thorns Turning Into Roses
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    When the love which started to cherish was crushed before its beginning means what will happen ? Sanskar Gosh the great business tycoon and the only son of Sanskar and Swara became an incurable thorn because of his parents past. Like in his fathers life how his mother cured his wound is there a girl for him. Swara J...

  • from SCINTILLATE to SWARA (One Shot)
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    Highest ranking : #40 in fantasy (on 03/06/2017) #41 in fantasy (on 18/05/2017) Sanskaar Maheshwari...!! A person having tons of desires but no such intention of working to fulfill them all...!! All he ever wanted is just to sit idle and gorge over his father's money...!! So, what's the thing that makes him different...

  • Sail Through Styx - A SwaSan SS
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    #1 in memoryloss 11/05/18 A girl in the edge of death. A man who loves her more than his own life. A fate that threatens to pull them apart. A tale of love that goes beyond life and death.

  • Winds of Winter - an Ice King novella
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    Once upon a time there was a spring, with warmth of laughter, sunlight of love. They were young and carefree. Their friendships were true and hearts pure. They had no motives, no game plans. The battle was yet to call them...the winter yet to come... A set of one shots featuring young Swara, Sanskar and Lakshya. Of t...

  • Swasan SS - Ice King
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    Sanskar Maheshwari the estranged son of the Maheshwari family is back. But he is not the same person who left five years ago. With ice of revenge freezing his heart he is unleashing an unkind storm on his kin; at the eye of which is his childhood sweetheart; an unwilling pawn of the game of power and emotions; Swara. ...

  • Swasan SS - Elixir
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    Waking up to a world she does not remember Swara tries to trace her life back to where she had left it. With fragments of memories that suggest a story far different from what her husband seemed to make her believe she is at cross roads as to whom she should trust. Perhaps some memories are better forgotten, some stor...

  • Love Is Beautiful...(Book 6)
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    Sanskar and swara are poles apart.swara is fun loving girl with full of inspirations and dreams. while sanskar is rough guy with dull and planned life. how their life will be affected when their lives with cross each other paths...will they be able to accept the beautiful feeling for each other...which is called Love...

  • Tu Hi Yaar Mera
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    Crazy! Unexpected! Full of surprises! Unusual in a strange way! That's how life is. And indubitably, life can unpredictably hurt as well. A lot. Life is never meant to be our way but our greatest loss is the moment when a part of us dies within our own selves as we live. The moment Aarti died, something shattered with...

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    #217 IN SHORT STORY - 25/02/2017 #254 IN SHORT STORY - 21/02/2017 #285 IN SHORT STORY - 20/02/2017 It's a story about A person who chooses Duty over Love. How the things will lead them ahead ?? " A broken Lover will express the emotions in this story." Warning : Do Not Copy !! #8 - Duty = 22/08/2018 #3 - Patriotism =...

  • A Relationship Of Pious Love Series 2
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    It's a journey of SwaSan where series has finished. It'a Romantic journey but not everydays love sick Romance one. So, You Guys need to read Series 1 first to read this one !! Warning : Do Not Copy !!! #462 - Anger #26 - Honeymoon #307 - SwaSan #5 - Maldives = 11/05/2018

  • Something Special Between Us...TS
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    Swara and Sanskar are neighbors from 2 years and in the same class.their apartments are just oppsite to each other.they are not really friends but don't sleep without telling to each other,what happened with them in whole day... Sanskar is casonova with handsome face and hot body,who can make any girl fall for him. Sw...

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    Hello friends new story on SwaSan Story starts from serial track where Ragini pused Swara in river. Yes guys I know its a very old track, but something I wanna say from Swara's POV. Swara will return to baadi with the help of Sanskar but before RagLak wedding will start. Now in the change of situation how everybody wi...

  • ELITE SERIES 2 : SWASAN - Scandalizing Mr Maheshwari
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    Swara Alessandra Bose doesn't understand why the Kolkatan Elite hates passion and freedom. She refuses to let them curb her fun-loving nature though. Bold, impulsive, and a magnet for trouble, Swara is no simple pushover. However, Her scandalous nature and past make her a favorite subject of the Elite's most practiced...

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  • broken beyond repair... swasan 3 shots...
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    She was left alone with her daughter.... He found his unborn in her daughter... Will they ever become one... Will there heart will be healed? Peep in it to know more

  • Me and Dr.Maheshwari(Completed)
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    How a doctor will change a business women and help her to come out of darkness surrounding her ..... #474 in fanfiction as on 24/1/2017 #43o in fanfiction as on 26/1/2017 #404 in fanfiction as on 28/1/2017 #358 in fanfiction as on 30/1/2017 #305 in fanfiction as on 5/2/2017 #300 in fanfiction as on 21/2/2017 #286 in...

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    its about two people who parted away because of trust issues... hw they came to know the truth?... how they mend their love?how was their love story?.... a lovely story with lots of emotions,love,care and more..... importance of every relation in life is shown.... #564 in fanfiction as on 12/02/2017 #529 in fanfictio...

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    #179 in fanfiction (07/09/2017) #129 in fanfiction (09/09/2017) Tittle : I TRUST U SANSKAR MAHESHWARI : a very successful business man One of the worlds richest man loves his mom and dad to the core can do anything for them and his loved ones his world revolves around them lil bit angry young man caring cute handsome...

  • Revenge to Love (COMPLETED)
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    Highest ranking- #1 in Romance 11-04-17 Highest ranking-#38 date 14-04-17? Highest ranking-#46 date 11-04-17 Highest ranking-#48 date 10-04-17 Highest ranking -#54 date 8-04-17 it's story about our hero's revenge from his heroine in this story why hero wants revenge why he hate heroine's family Nd heroine..!! for this...

  • Swasan-Nothing Without You
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    The story is about Swara and sanskar who have different opinions of life !! They are OXYMORON!!!! Let's See how two different inviduals become one.

  • A Relationship Of Pious Love - Series 1
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    (Under Major Editing) #82 - England #527 in Romance - 11/03/2018 #531 in Romance - 13/03/2018 #559 in Romance - 10/03/2018 #671 in Romance - 10/03/2018 #681 in Romance - 16/03/2018 #775 in Romance - 16/03/2018 A story of Two different people who finally get married because of their family. The girl, Swara Gadodia fro...

  • A Rain Of Love ✔
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    It's All About Rain & Love. A Rain Of Memories. A Rain Of Moments. A Rain Of Feelings & Much More. New Concept Based on A Song of My Favourite !! Warning : Don't Copy !! #343 - Rain

  • OS series
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    SwaSan One Shot Series!!!