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  • Notes To Myself (a Joshler story)
    4.6K 490 14

    Josh wakes up in a bed he doesn't recognize in a room he can't remember. When he gets up he finds an envelope stuck to the door with a letter in it: "Hey you, this is you from last night. I know you don't know where you are, and you don't remember anything recent. Let me tell you why. (...) You remember your family...

  • Odour ☆ tysh
    494 40 5

    Sequel to Bouquet! ☆☆☆ "Roses and lynx, my love." ☆ Where joshua remembers his love via a camera lens and the pained loop of a pen against blank paper. ☆ @CeruleanStarsIssy

  • Premier Danseur ✔ [Joshler]
    103K 7.3K 62

    Josh was given an opportunity to make a life-changing deal. A deal with a devil...

    Completed   Mature