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  • SuperHero
    13.5K 473 26

    A adorable tale of Boy meets Girl in the middle of the craziness that is Formula One. Bit of a Throwback to when Nico Hulkenberg was driving for force India with Paul Di Resta. Just cause I wanted to, and Hulk's pretty easy on the eye!

  • Saviour - Daniel Ricciardo
    58.7K 1.4K 18

    Allison's boyfriend and father of her child dies in a plane accident. She is left alone with her 3 year old son. When her best friend, Daniel Ricciardo, hears about this, he immediately helps her as much as he can. She gets to come to all the race weekends alone with Jace. But when the media starts to think it is Dani...

  • Formula 1 One Shots
    78.3K 1.5K 39

    Formula 1 one shots! I write one shots about Formula 1 drivers! ~ Requests are closed ~

  • Max Verstappen OneShots
    63.9K 1.1K 32

    Hii! Just a book with Max Verstappen one shots. Requests are open! :)

  • Just a Waitress (Daniel Ricciardo)
    19.8K 411 11

    Becky didn't have much luck in life, especially when she applied for a job after she had seen the words 'Red Bull Racing' on the advertisement. That was until she got the chance to work for Red Bull Racing and got to travel around the world, watching the thing that she had been obsessed with since she was a little gir...

  • Fifth Light (Sebastian Vettel)
    231K 5.9K 70

    A fan fiction based on Sebastian Vettel, set in the year of 2014. This story follows an original character, Casey Larsen, a member of the Red Bull Racing pit crew, and her relationship with the 4 time world champion.

    Completed   Mature
  • Connections (F1 story)
    180K 4K 64

    A job of a lifetime, Press Officer to Red Bull's new guy: the Australian of Daniel Ricciardo. Follow Saskia and the Infiniti Red Bull Racing team as they travel around the world from race to race. The cars won't be the only ones tested to their limits; as relationships fray, who will be the ones who survive the bruta...

  • One of the Boys
    39.2K 1.4K 35

  • Connected (F1 Story)
    52.3K 1.6K 54

    It's the following Summer from where the action left off, and Dan and Saskia are back, creating and causing mayhem. As per. This time round there's added pressure from Red Bull under performing, a nervous Lizzie and something which is sure to change Saskia and Daniel's relationship for, well, ever. Will it be happily...

  • Found and Lost
    2.8K 88 37

    Sara is a 26 year old Mexican photographer who embarcs in a new life after splitting with her boyfriend and father of her 3 year old daughter, Angelina. Looking for a new life, Sara and the lil girl move to Madrid, Spain. There, Sara starts to work for a motorsports magazine. She never imagined that she could find lov...

  • Lifeline (Daniel Ricciardo)
    60.8K 2.8K 61

    Red Bull are a team that have proven time and time again that they are capable of winning championships. So, when Australia's Daniel Ricciardo joins, will he too be on track for major success? Follow Karin as she goes behind the scenes, working day and night on her racing heartbeat- until, well...she gets thrown a Lif...

  • His smile is all I need (Daniel Ricciardo Fanfic)
    1.6K 25 2

    Clara Horner is the daughter of Christian Horner, she is asked to help out for the 2016 season, she I reluctant but agrees, she meets the one and only Daniel Ricciardo and immediately is attracted to him, she is currently dating MotoGP world champion Marc Márquez, but the minute she meets Daniel she has second thought...

  • Broken Hearted
    7.6K 164 28

    A young Red Bull mechanic is left devastated when her long time boyfriend dies in a crash. Some say she will be forever broken hearted.

  • Collision Course (A Daniel Ricciardo fanfic)
    5.8K 177 7

    Academic, artistic, and articulate. Lindsey Dawson was used to being straight As in every sense. That was until she left University and became distinctly AVERAGE. Even worse, when the younger brother who was always in her shadow gets offered a drive with the Red Bull Formula One team, she must get used to being simply...

  • Lifeline (Sebastian Vettel)
    115K 5.1K 59

    Set in the 2014 Formula 1 season, this story follows Tully Houvinen as she takes over from her brother as the defending World Champion's personal trainer. Little do either of them know that an event looms in their future that will change their lives, and the lives of their teammates, forever.

  • You can be a champion, Nico Rosberg.
    24.8K 1.7K 60

    La vida de Juliet da un giro radical cuando muere su madre a causa de un fatal accidente, desde ese día su hermano, se vé obligado a aceptar un rápido empleo para poder sobrevivir. 10 años después de estos hechos, su hermano ha conseguido un trabajo como director ejecutivo de Mercedes AMG F1. Juliet acepta pasar sus v...

  • Those Who Wait (Formula 1 - Daniel Ricciardo)
    27.9K 749 31

    Sometimes things come to those who wait? That's always been a saying that intrigued me. I've never liked it when I have to wait or when things go a little slower than planned. You see I live my life in the fast lane... literally.

  • Snap Happy (A Daniel Ricciardo story)
    78.5K 1.7K 42

    When failed photographer and failed girlfriend Emily Taylor goes to Monaco to get over a broken heart she doesn't expect a chance meeting with a Formula One star to change her life. Cover photo credit: Mark Thompson, Getty Images

  • Formel 1 Preferences und Images
    44.4K 500 44

    Hier werde ich F1 Preferences schreiben. Wie genau ich das organisieren werde, findet ihr im ersten Kapitel. Auf Wunsch auch Images. Dazu brauche ich: Name von dir im Image Fahrer Thema Viel Spaß