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  • KNB Oneshots [Completed]
    550K 10.5K 60

    Well..These are some KNB oneshots that I made! I hope you enjoy reading! Any tips feel free to comment!

  • You Really Are An Idiot
    1.2K 35 1

    Kuroko has always had a secret crush on Aomine. Even with help from his best friend Momoi, he could never seem to capture the courage to tell his former light how he felt. Post Winter Cup, the GoM have finally gotten on good terms and all get ready for a New Year's festival being hosted in Seirin's city. Being his las...

  • Black Out- aomine x kuroko
    1.2K 38 1

    There's a black out...!! What could happen between aomine and kuroko..? Warning: This story contains love between two boys. Don't like it Don't read it.

  • Shower Surprise (Kuroko no Basket Yaoi)
    36.3K 654 4

    Looking for a lost Kuroko, Kagami finds an interesting "surprise". Who knew Kuroko was such a slut? Kagami x Kuroko x Aomine Warning: Yaoi! Threesome! Bad Humor!

  • Aomine x Kuroko
    71.1K 1.8K 24

    Aomine x Kuroko one-shots and full stories.

  • Forbidden Love
    5.6K 125 7

    Yaoi Aomine x Kuroko