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  • The Drunken Truth: A Pokeshipping Fanfic
    14.3K 253 2

    Ash, now 18, returns from Unova to visit his old friends of Kanto. During his visit to Cerulean City, he accidentally gets... well, drunk. This is a short fanfiction for the sake of humor because, let's face it, these types of situations are funny if they're not happening to you. And yes, I understand that in a lot of...

    13.2K 434 13

    okay but i wrote this when i was like 10, so don't judge if this sucks and is cringey. read at your own risks, yikes [DISCONTINUED] Gary Oak x Fem! Reader. Gary Oak. Famous for his looks, but not famous for his personality. It all started when (Name) and Gary met. They became best friends right away! But later in li...

  • {Pokemon} IF ONLY - Trainers x Reader Oneshots |COMPLETED|
    35.1K 519 5

    What happens when your Pokemon guy hurts you on your last nerve? You leave, and he gets heartbroken. See this story with your Pokeguys and their heartbreaking scenarios. Put the guy you wnat in the next chapters in the comments!

  • Angela's OneShots
    58.2K 2.2K 41

    This book will gather all my Pokemon OneShots. It will include many shippings. Enjoy reading! *3*