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  • Be My Princess
    609K 13.4K 27

    *DDLG STORY* *Highest Ranking in Fetish #1* *Highest ranking in Romance #50* *Highest ranking in General Fiction #50* *Uncompleted & no longer updating* Lavender noticed the new kid right away, he stuck out among the other students in the room like an oasis in the desert. His icy green eyes shot to her freezing her's...

  • Vanilla
    374K 6.7K 32

    "It's rude to ignore people, little girl, especially a dominant, didn't your top teach you that?" "What makes you think I'm a sub?" "So you're a Dom?" "I never said that." "Then what are you, little girl?" "I'm vanilla." Why was this book #1 in Ashton??

  • Daddy's Girl (BWWM)
    72.5K 1.9K 11

    "But Luca-", I try to say as he held me against the wall of the school. He smirked, "Luca? Last time I checked, my name was Daddy.", he said as he took my lips in his. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Aaliyah Jones is...

  • A Dom and His New Little
    129K 2.3K 13

    Shane is just an average guy but everyone has their little secrets. He likes making his new girlfriends into littles until he gets bored with them. Will Shane ever find one that's not boring? Is she will to stay with him?

  • •B r o w n i e •
    264K 10K 18

    She was sweet. Like a brownie. He was cold and hard like a rock.