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  • He Is Not Cute At All || COMPLETED
    5.4M 185K 50

    HIGHEST RANKING : #2 in fanfiction OMG ?? (May 08, 2018) ❤️????❤️????❤️???? His cute personality was all just an act for you to worry about him and to let you take care of him. He was very in love with you and wanted your full attention on him. The truth is his true self is a very mature, manly and sexy too.

  • (LeoN/NEO) The World of Us
    60.8K 4.3K 48

    Jung Taekwoon. He has always heard stories about the human world from his 'lifelong friend' that lived on the other side of the door that separated the two. He learned to laugh, cry, envy, and sympathize because of a boy called Cha Hakyeon. The two were so different yet so alike. Little did the two know th...

  • Stepbrother [ Vixx Hyukbin Fanfic boy×boy]
    40.7K 2.5K 25

    Lee Hongbin's parents are divorced and he's devastated. Things don't help when his mother remarries only a year after, giving Hongbin a new father and brother, Han Sanghyuk, both of whom Hongbin loathes. Worse, they end up as classmates for every single class. How will it turn out for the both of them? [Warning: Som...

  • LEORENE - Leo and Irene
    2.2K 313 11

    stories about the love story of leo and irene in their lives as idols

  • Still Me
    5.6K 242 11

    15 years.... Was it really that easy for you?

  • Blind [VIXX Neo]
    30.6K 2K 29

    In which Taekwoon is a prince who has found a slave, Hakyeon, and the both of them decide to help each other. • • ° • ° "I'm a slut, don't you get it?", he cried. "No I don't. Maybe it's because I'm blinded by love." Started:041017 Ended:020118

    Completed   Mature