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  • 2.9 | Here To Stay
    1.3M 2.6K 1

    Heartbroken over the death of her boyfriend, Thea is piecing together the remnants of her life and trying to move on. It would be a lot easier if Noah, the man she thinks she can fall in love with, wasn't the reason for her boyfriend's death in the first place.

  • 2.7 | Bringing Back Brielle
    1.2M 2.1K 1

    Brielle Winters suffers from retrograde amnesia. And Carson Flores is going to do whatever it takes to bring her memories back.

  • 2.5 | 99% Irresistible
    5.3M 3.9K 1

    Clover Tulden doesn't expect to wake up next to arch-enemy Jordan Carter in bed one morning. It's a damn set-up, not a one-night stand, and sparks will fly when they work together to track down the culprit.

  • 2.2 | The Cinderella Deception
    2.3M 2.1K 1

    Modern-day Cinderella Juliette Harving always hoped for her prince charming. Little did she expect him to come in the form of Grady Sullivan, with his killer smirks, bad boy air and knack for turning her life upside down.

  • 2.1 | No Sparks Required
    4.4M 6.5K 1

    Being paired together for a chemistry lesson shouldn't be this much trouble. But Shane Corelli has only one purpose in mind - to prove to Beverly Stanton that sparks don't just fly in the laboratory, but between people too.