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  • Down In The DM || Lucas Coly Fanfiction (Urban)
    27.5K 979 11

    Hi, my name is Rhyanna Anderson, I'm 17 years old and I live in Altanta. I go to Southbrooke High School and that's where I met Lucas. "So, you're Lucas, right?" "Yeah, but you can call me Daddy" he winked. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Lucas Coly is the school's player. He is undeniably hot and girls are constan...

  • A Special Prayer
    2.4K 126 7

    *This story is has parts of my own life here* Yn is just like any female in high school. She lives in North Carolina in a single parent household. Her family back home isn't all that well but life starts to look up for her just a little until it crumbles all over again. Lucas and troy are best friends that ride toget...

  • With My Baby Lucas|Lucas Coly Fanfiction
    37.1K 971 15

    This is the squeal to my story "High School With Him". If you haven't read that story then you will be confused. Anyways this story is about the college life of Laila. Lucas decided that he is not going to college. But how will they continue to be with each other? Will it become a long distance relationship? Read to f...

  • Chris Brown imagines ~ Rated R
    262K 4.1K 33

    This book contains heavy +18 content. If you're not aware, don't read.

  • *Lucas Coly Imagines*
    108K 2K 21

    °Freaky °Funny °Sweet and more... REQUESTS ARE CLOSED

    Completed   Mature
  • Like A Thief In The Night
    204K 6.3K 40

    Samira was just transfored to a new school in Miami Florida. She just moved there with her older sister Jaylin. She moved there cause her parents died in a house fire and she survived cause she was out at a party. That was 4 months ago. Now there living together in a nice neighborhood on the coast. Samira goes to scho...

  • P.S I Love You{Lucas Coly TeenF} |COMPLETE|
    131K 4.5K 38

    By: LeahRenna[me|the author]//Copyright© of 2015-16//All Rights Reserved// please do not copy or plagiarize//PG-13 ❝It would be nice if you all would Comment, Share, and Vote☆. I'd really like to know how I'm doing. Thank you.❞ - xoxo Leah A girl by the name of Taylor Johnson is in her junior year of high school. Alon...

    Completed   Mature
  • Lucas Coly:Fall in love
    23K 660 8


  • Worth It
    97.9K 2.1K 26

    Just Read It. @lailadaslumpgod

  • Cant Forget About You (tha diamondz & vier love story)
    53.3K 1.8K 28

    What happens when you meet the one or the person you never expected to see again,fall for the one you never thought you would fall for or have to choose between life or death in order to save those you hold dear? this story is filled with lies, heart ache, drama, twists and turns. Read to understand. Lucas-"She's the...

  • On My Own A Diggy Simmons Love Story Book 2
    23.4K 861 61

    Overcoming her mother's death and settling into a new environment, Elana and Diggy tried to build a stable relationship though multiple conflicts keep tearing them apart. Will they stay together or will their relationship crumble beneath them?

  • Unfaithful : A Diggy Simmons Love Story
    76.9K 2.4K 27

    When having problems in your relationship goes bad, forcing the two of you to become sexually frustrated with each other & find sexual intercourse elsewhere. Never breaking up with one another because you’re too stubborn to let go of each other… The two of you are deeply in love.

    Completed   Mature
  • Lovers&Friends
    1.7K 77 5

    This tells a tale of this girl's world getting turned upside down by falling for the love Diggy Simmons. Characters:

  • Never Give Up (Diggy Simmons Fanfic)
    116K 2.9K 54

    A late coffee run.. or two.. turns into an encounter that was either luck, fate or pure destiny.. You and Diggy, despite your huge differences in life, begin a beautiful journey together, exploring each other’s lives, personalities and interests. Unresolved things from both of your pasts are dug up and hung on the lin...

  • In Love With A Murderer
    103K 6.1K 43

    YN and Diggy have been married for three years. She was absolutely in love with him, and he was crazy about her. However, can love truly conquer all? When YN finds out Diggy is an active murderer will she stay or leave? Can YN handle Diggy's hobbies? Find out in In Love With A Murderer!

  • Learning to Love Again.........(Diggy Simmons Love Story)
    149K 3.2K 33

    What can I say about myself. Well for starters my name is Jazzmine and I'm 23. My world was great up until I turned 19. Pretty much right after graduation, things started going downhill. My ex-boyfriend, Jacob, was the mistake I met in college. He got me pregnant, dumped me, and I haven't seen him since. My daughters...

  • Diggy Imagines
    119K 1.7K 36

    Just Imagine You and Diggy...that's all.

  • Friends With Benefits (Diggy Simmons Fanfic)
    56.7K 1.9K 20

    Armana and Daniel have been Bestfriends since the 4th grade. Not only are they Bestfriends they are "Friends with Benefits"

    Completed   Mature
  • Jacob latimore, trevor Jackson and Diggy imagines
    29.5K 738 31

    imagines of Jacob latimore trevor Jackson and Diggy simmons enjoy

    Completed   Mature
  • Recovery (A Diggy & Yn Trilogy)
    96.9K 3.8K 30

    THIS IS A TRILOGY BOOK BOOK 1: Trying To Love Again (A Diggy & Yn Fanfic) BOOK 2: Life After Pain (A Diggy & Yn Sequel) Things have been a little hectic after everything that happened. Will things ever be the same? All of your questions will be answered. Why did everything go down like that? Find out as Yn, DJ, and Di...

  • Age ain't nothing but a number/diggy Simmons love story
    2.4K 92 5

    Hi my name is y/n . I've been a huge fan of diggy ☺️ diggy is 9 years older than but Iove him more than anything . Everybody seams to have a problem but we love each other

  • My Abuser(A Roc Royal Story)
    187K 4.4K 23

    In The End Life Can Only Get Better ❤

  • fuck me (mindless behavior rated R imagines)
    551K 5.8K 43

    this book is strictly mindless behavior mature imagines. If you don't like those things then do not read.

    Completed   Mature
  • Living Mindless (Editing)
    175K 1.3K 39

    Mekaya, Tynetta, Elisabeth and Kathleen are 4 bestfriends from ATL. They are all beautiful and talented. That talent of theirs givess them an opportunity of a lifetime. They accept it expecting fame and romance. But no one told them about the drama they would also get in to. They just wanted it a good life or what the...

    Completed   Mature