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  • Reversed {JonJon FNAF AU}
    70 6 1

    Don was given an "opertunity" by bryan and MR.afton to make his own pizzeria. and little did he know he made a deal with the devil without even realizing it

  • The Vampire Master
    42.8K 2.1K 23

    As a vampire Ohm needs blood to survive. But he doesn't like taking it from people, or hurting them at all. So as a suggestion by his creator he gets 'bloodbags'. Bloodbags are expected to behave like slaves, but that's not what Ohm wants. Ohm just wants people he can talk with and drink from without hurting them too...

    10.1K 325 36

    Basically alot of Frozres and I guess Zron...but not to worry I'll do Jon x dawn and Newscapecomics. Sadly ashlie won't really be involved in the ships alot because this is a boyxboy book... I like Nick to be bottom for most ships so if you dont like that then I advise you not to read this book. That's pretty much a...

  • Jokes, Comebacks, & Pick Up Lines
    1.9M 47.9K 125

    stupid jokes that surprisingly made me laugh.

  • I'm in love with my bully (discontinued)
    4.7K 139 13

    This is a newscapecrew fan fiction and it will involve newscapecomics frozres and JonOfRiku

  • Monsters
    19.2K 1K 42

    Nick,Cory,and Dawn are monsters. Uni,Tommy,and Jon are monster hunters. What happens when they meet?

  • The Vampire Prince - A FroZres Fanfiction
    961 35 3

    Tommy, a knight of the land of holy spirits and light, was summoned by the King of Vampires, a man named Jon, who asks him to save his son from certain horrors. As a reward, he can either become rich, stop the war between the two kingdoms, or marry the vampire prince. Which reward will Tommy choose? Read to find out.

  • Potion of Love
    2.4K 82 4

    One day Uni decides to get back at Tommy for all of the stupid things he's done to make Uni mad by using a potion he found i. Ashlie's room. His plans don't exactly go as planned...

  • Corrupted angel (JonofRiku)
    9.9K 525 30

    When Duni and his gang took over hardlanding they took Jonjon prisoner. This is his experiences as the double gangers prisoners.

  • Reality's Fantasy (A NewscapeCrew Fanfic)
    6.2K 435 14

    A world where a man believes in fairies, no matter what his friend says to him. The thing he doesn't know is that they do truly exist, but it isn't so much the happy creatures and land he expects it to be. This is not a ship book. The book takes place beginning in 3rd person of a fairy. It's not mainly about humans...

  • Retale - Newscapepro Crew
    5.8K 236 20

    Credit: @Otaku4reals The theme is based off of Disney Princess and other stuff related It began at a School. A school named Afterlane. Afterlane is mostly filled with good people but not as much- Villains. The one plot that would be introduced are these Princess, Princes, and some villains. Wondering what their names...

  • The Crying Child
    3.8K 62 9

    The title tells all... Also I don't own the cover image I got out from Google images. And I don't own any of the characters here they belong to Scott Cawthon. Plus some characters came from images I found online about each animatronic looking like they're human.

  • The Broken Home
    22.9K 1K 30

    WARNING This story may be triggering to some readers. It is a Mature rated story. Some Themes Include: SUICIDAL ACTIONS CUTTING PHYSICAL ABUSE MENTAL ABUSE RAPE CRUDE LANGUAGE AND OTHER TRIGGERING TOPICS If you are experiencing any of the above listed please find some way to get help. Anything I write in this st...

    Completed   Mature
  • My Roommates Are Killers!
    20.8K 1.2K 11

    "Oh Cory, we'll be with you, still you ARE the angel we wouldn't KILL" - - - - - - 🔸Jon the creepy clown 🔸Nick the blood thirsty vampire 🔸Tommy the insane Killer 🔸Ashlie the banshee 🔸Uni the man eating werewolf 🔹then there's Cory...the frighten human...

    Completed   Mature
  • News and Comits~Newscapepro Fanfiction~Book 1
    6.4K 181 14

    Cory was forced to leave his old home.When he meets his old primary crush how will he react?Will the experiments being done on him affect him?