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  • Male reader x Highschool dxd
    1.8K 72 7

    He has been caged for so long and now his seal has been lifted and its time to take on anyone.

  • Lonesome Devil (Male!reader X Highschool DxD)
    214K 2.3K 48

    I definetly own highschool dxd,thats why im writing this fic (Also,my first fanfic)

  • The Devil Inside You (M!reader X Xenovia) [Discontinued]
    551 16 2

    what if you wield a powerful weapon that even god is concerned about it?will you use it for good?evil? or perhaps both?who will train you to get over it?many questions is bugging y/n,a student from Kuoh Academy,childhood friend of Xenovia,who is popular of women but he is kind and gentle,one day after class he went to...

  • My Girlfriend Pervert (Aika X Reader)
    2.6K 85 1

    This is a one off story! A pervert girl with maybe five minutes of screen time gets a story. Aika takes a transfer student and uses her seductive charm to allure him into a relationship to teach him some things. I do not own DxD or the artwork. Pick up a manga or disc.

    Completed   Mature
  • The Symbol Of Hope: My Hero Academia x Male Reader
    279K 6K 71

    A world where super powers called "quirks" has become the norm and heroes and villains constantly face off day and night. In order to keep peace and hope, new heroes are trained and attend hero schools in order to strengthen themselves and one day become heroes like the Symbol of Peace, All Might. But in order to have...

  • abused neglected gremory x dxd
    28.3K 409 22

    Damn title

  • rias's younger brother x dxd
    40.7K 625 10


  • Prison School - The Male Council Member
    67.9K 1.1K 32

    Hachimitsu Academy, A girl only academy, Well it was a girl only academy until a new act was passed which allowed boys to join. Five new students are allowed to join the academy but after some unsavory acts by the boys they are sent to a school prison. Its here they learn some more about the school and about how they...

  • The Watcher(Prison School X Male Reader)
    100K 1.9K 13

    Hachimitsu Academy is a former all-girls school has turned coed. Our Protagonist is one of six guys who have transferred to this Academy. While generally keeping to himself, he finds that it doesn't matter when you're wrongfully accused of peeping. Wrong place, wrong time.

  • Kuroka X Male Reader
    44.4K 1.5K 23

    Romance between (Y/N), the only son and heir of (L/N) family, a high class devil clan belonging to the 72 pillars of the Underworld and Kuroka, the beautiful and seductive known member of Khaos Brigade. I suck at descriptions so if you could just please proceed with reading the story then I love you already ❤ I don't...

  • The Neko and Dragon (Kuroka X Reader)
    23.8K 662 15

    When the Great Red is your father you have a reputation to hold up to especially since he is also known as a Apocalyptic Dragon, True Red Dragon God Emperor, True Dragon and Dragons of Dragons. So many names and you dont even have a title for yourself beside being his son born from his flesh. Will you ever find a tit...

  • Kuoh Academy's Omni God Saiyan (High School DXD X Male Saiyan OC Season 1)
    71.3K 757 31

    This young Saiyan Warrior is determined to travel to the New World,to go to the High School DXD Universe.

  • Wanderlust
    2.2K 62 10

    Hiccup Horrendous Haddock the third had officially become the new chieftain to the Isle of Berk, a relatively small island planted in the freezing north. It was something everyone had needed adjusting to, but a title that was well deserved. Along with this title Hiccup had gained a new relationship with his once absen...

  • Dragon and Bow-Mericcup
    3.7K 250 17

    It has been four years since Merida has gained her freedom and all seems right in Dunbroch. That is until they receive a letter of demand from a tribe of Vikings that threaten to attack if the royal family does not comply. But when they ignore the threat Merida is kidnapped by the Vikings and brought to Berk where she...

  • Rosario vampire inner moka x Male reader
    1.5K 16 2

    Reader is the son of dante from devil may cry

  • Dragons Fire (Rias Gremory x Supernatural M! reader)
    47.8K 778 11

    Y/N Winchester was being shipped to Japan by his two brothers, Sam and Dean. America was considered to dangerous. He sports the Mark of Cain and is sent to high school with.... A different type of demon

  • Mysterious Boy
    713 20 1

    Another (male!reader x Mikasa Ackerman) story based on the reader who has trouble figuring out who or what he is by "documenting" the personality traits of others around him.

  • A new home
    255K 9.2K 35

    After the attack on New York, the Avengers helped clean up after their mess Who they found under the debris in the streets of Queen might as well changed their lives for the better or worse ........................................... This is my first Superfamily fanfic and my first fanfic with the MCU universe so giv...

  • Fairy Tail : The Dragon God Of The Universe
    63K 1.2K 13

    Y/n L/n the creator of the universe and by far the strongest being to ever exist, once he created earth he decided that he will create a race to live on it and thus humans were born after a few years on planet earth he met many people one of them being Fairy tails current master Makarov, after deciding that he would g...

  • Forlorn (Aot 4 Annie Leonhardt X Male Reader)
    8K 188 8

    (Part4)(READ WEAKNESSES FIRST THEN THE SHADOW TITAN THEN TRIALS THEN THIS) The fourth installment in the Annie x male reader series. This follows Michelles side of the story as she sides with Annie to fight the battle to end all battles. Please read my other stories before this one in order to avoid spoilers WEAKNESSE...

  • Stoic Male Titan Reader X Mikasa
    123K 2.2K 23

    Another casual Male Reader X Mikasa.

  • Dragon Maid / Lucoa x male reader
    57.7K 588 9

    based off of several fanfics I'll put my own twist on them to give you the optimal experience. yes there will be some lemon juicy scenes however they won't be there for no reason. I will attempt to frequently upload new chapters so by all means add this to the library. NOTE: I do not own dragon maid or any of it's cha...

  • The Wandering Hero. Asami X Male Reader (Marked For Rework)
    81.6K 1.4K 35

    A Lone man walks down a path whom seems to be singing to himself. He's usually known as that guy to most. But to some people that he has helped or saved since he's been wandering the world he's known as a hero. A Hero with immense strength though no one knows why. Could he be a bender that knows how to use his chi o p...

    33.6K 895 20

    First of all, this is a sequel novel for the first book --> FROZEN-(hiccelsa) . so you may need to read that one first. This story take place during the events of HTTYD2 and after the events of the first novel and a new frozen fever fanfic PS: I changed the plot a little bit to involve Elsa. and Jack Frost is involv...

  • The Girl Is 2 Fast and 2 Furious
    18K 507 22

    August is back but has gone completely undercover as Alex Wilde. She will be working with Brian. Will Brian fall for this side of her? Will they solve the case without getting hurt? Read on to find out. Sequel to The Fast and Furious Girl. All rights to the Fast and the Furious franchise. I only own my character. Als...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Son Of Superman
    95.5K 1.8K 13

    Your Name is Y/n Kent and your the son of superman and Lois Lane, after turned 18 your parents sent you to a town in japan called Kouh, where you'd attened a school called Kouh Academy, how will the devils of Kouh react when they meet the boy ith limetless power.

    Completed   Mature
  • [1] Date a Live: My Best Friend (Kurumi Tokisaki x Male Reader)
    73.1K 1.6K 31

    Highest Ranking(s): #1 in animegirl, #1 in datealive, #2 in spirits Sequel: If you liked this book, go check out the sequel to it! Link above ^^ You have been friends with Kurumi Tokisaki ever since elementary. But is that really tr...

  • Everything Has Changed (Modern Hiccelsa)
    7K 266 27

    "You're My Everything" Elsa is a shy girl same like Hiccup, he is a shy boy. But when they meet each other... Everything Has Changed... Life is more beautiful than before... Friendships, turned into love. Everything is perfect. Until... "No... Please stay... Don't Leave Us..." Hello guys! My third story on Wattpad! H...

  • Honey Shot ✔
    163K 7.8K 45

    You know as kids and teens we do some stupid crap. And sometimes it can be some funny $hit. And you know you'd never think it would haunt you later in life. And the crap I did with my friends was making stripper names. "Hey Honey Shot come here." Trever said smirking. "Don't fucking call me that." I snapped. "But that...

    Completed   Mature
  • If You'll be Mine
    71.5K 3.2K 28

    From a young age, Merida and Hiccup were betrothed and forced to spend each summer together In hopes to form a bond that would soon unite the kingdoms. However growing up together isn't all that easy... When Hiccup turns fifteen, his kingdom goes to war and it is deemed unsafe for him travel to visit Merida. What ha...