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  • Paranormal Challenges
    148 8 4

    Weekly challenges from paranormal community.

  • Paranormalcy
    564 74 18

    Beware a collection of Paranormal and Vampire stories live in this book.

  • What Lurks In The Dark
    539 98 18

    My entries for challenges set by the @ParanormalCommunity- essentially horror one-shots. I hope to creep myself out while writing these. Let's embark on a journey into the world of the unseen( with at least one talisman for protection).

  • The Paranormal Files
    84 5 5

    A collection of short stories for Paranormal Community challenges.

  • Stuff of Nightmares: A Collection of Short Horror Stories
    7.8K 327 15

    Blood drips from the ceiling. The smell of death is smothering. Something is horribly wrong, but I can't stop. Death chases with an insatiable hunger, needing to feed, needing to kill... A collection of short horror stories that will keep you up at night. Glow Awards 3rd Place.

  • Paranormal Challenges Anthology
    643 64 12

    A collection of winning and super short stories submitted to @ParanormalCommunity creative writing challenges and contests. We hope you enjoy the selection of paranormal and supernatural stories. COVER ART: Thanks to @-kittyqueen