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  • The Directory - Adult Authors on Wattpad
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    All the adult authors I have discovered on Wattpad, organised by genre. Come and browse and meet new friends! If you want to be added to the book, please just PM me! The more the merrier!

  • The Golden Flower - (#1 in the GOLDEN series) #Wattys2019
    3.7K 478 21

    **WATTY'S 2018 LONGLIST** A story in three parts. A young girl learns how hard it is to live among the royals and nobles in late eighteenth century Europe. A collection of tales from the people around this girl--those who love her, those who don't, and those who have yet to meet her. And, coming soon--the young girl...

  • The Perfect Pet (The Screenplay)
    331 99 26

    This is the screenplay version of the original comic. Marta, a low-key girl, has an unusual pet: a scorpion named Chester! The unlikely duo hope to enter the school talent show. But a bully named Raul and his dog Ramses are set on winning the competition at any cost. And who is the mysterious Exterminator? 1st place...

  • 365 Nights of Fear
    7.2K 1.8K 200

    How many ways are there to be scared? Well, in my book 365 Nights of Fear I will tell you one good way to be scared each and every single night. Just watch out though because some scares just might be a little too close to home.