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  • The Milk Fic (Ryden)
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    *full disclaimer! this is not my story ! all creds go to the writer. i just felt the need to post it bc it's been sitting in my phone and i don't want people to go through my phone and find it... sooo yeah* enjoy ?¿

  • The Milk Fic
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    The milk Fic

  • daithi de terroriser
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    brian looses his house after his girlfriend left him nogla offers brian to stay with him so he dose and something in both of them snaps

  • Losing the Feeling of Feeling Unique
    3.4K 221 13

    People can change over time... and that's exactly what happened to Brendon Urie once he befriended Faelecia.

  • I Lied When I Said I Was Okay (frerard)
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    “I’m… I-I I’m sorry…” that’s the only thing I manage to choke out. Nobody ever caught me self harming. “You’re always so fucking sorry Gee. Save it, it doesn’t change anything.” He says and his hand wraps around my arm again. “Can I? Please?” he asks, puppy eying me again. This time, I don’t resist. I let him pull my...

  • The crankthatfrank bible
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    Just a thing I will write. It is a crankthatfrank thing. If u don't like frank the emo dad.... Then leave.

  • A Friend Like You (Ferard Fanfic)
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    TRIGGER WARNING: There is cutting/suicide attempts/ blood. If any of this stuff triggers you please don't read it. Thanks!

  • Only An Emo Would Get It
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    The clue's in the title.

  • The Best of Tumblr
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    Here's a bunch of Tumblr Texts posts that are bound to make you laugh, go "wtf" or relate to you :) I hope you enjoy these little Gems!!

  • The Church of Helena (MCR Bible)
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    Yes, it is here to complete the trinity. (Also thanks @ Jackie for the name go follow her @morbidlymusical)

  • Emo Trinity Bible
    90.2K 7.6K 25

    Title says all. I thought it'd be time for a bible for our punk rock religion.

  • yee puns for crankthatfrank
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    Yee puns for daddy crankthatfrank Yemos will rule this earth one day *when my chemical romance get back to gether*

  • CrankThatFrank Quotes
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    Quotes by the one and only emo dad \_(ouo)_/

  • The My Chemical Romance Bible
    145K 6.4K 13

    A tribute of sorts towards a band that inspired thousands.

    Completed   Mature
  • The Babysitter (Frerard FanFic)
    34.5K 1.3K 7

    Just a little Frerard story I'm writing. Hope you enjoy it. :x

  • Slut.
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    Gerard Way is a virgin. A pathetic, gay, red-haired little virgin. But he was okay with that. People in school avoided him, hell, they didn't even know who he was, and that was how it was. Until a good 'friend' of Gerard's started a rumor. A rumor that was bound to destroy everything Gerard had come to know, and even...