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  • Ignorance (ONC Entry)
    629 99 18

    The year is 2113, and almost all the world's problems have been single-handedly solved with a shocking breakthrough - of how to store and transfer souls. At a certain price, anybody can buy a prolonged life, or a never-hungering body, or eternal happiness. However, despite the prosperity of the world as a whole, only...

  • CONTINUA (Book 1: The Covenant)
    12.5K 1.1K 62

    A fugitive scientist and a powerful pacifist search for the key to winning the impending war-the great Wizard Titan who abandoned the world two-hundred years ago. Meanwhile, an arrogant prince attempts to fight off a Prophet's army head-on. For fans of BRANDON SANDERSON, ROBERT JORDAN, and GEORGE R. R. MARTIN.