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  • Camren One-Shots
    62.8K 591 10

    A camren oneshot book

  • Half Alive (Camren Hybrid Fanfic)
    89.8K 4.1K 58

    Camila Cabello, Princess of The Magical Kingdom of Jorrden. Despite being labeled a 'witch prodigy', she has gone through a traumatizing event in Draven, Kingdom of Vampires, enough to have her memories taken away for the sake of maintaining her sanity. But that's until the infamous Lauren Jauregui, Princess of The Ki...

  • Cum Here Please
    43.5K 190 7

    "Sit on my face, baby" she commanded. I did so. I didn't deserve it and someone so hot, so perfect, should never waste their time for me. Someone who was so good and made me cum so hard. I'd never understand it. I'd never deserve it.

  • Darkness Inside
    7.3K 152 11

    Lauren Jauregui always prided herself in everything she did. Her friends would say she was always prepared and would never go home with a stranger. What happens when a night out at a club leads to Lauren disappearing. Camila cabello was a dark soul, she killed for fun as a way to fill the void. She never stuck with o...

  • Bad Things (CamRen SMUT Collection) ON-GOING
    123K 1.6K 24

    Filling your fantasies ❤👅👄💦 "...I think everybody can relate to loving somebody and them bringing out a wild side in you." - Camila Cabello, October 2016 ( Billboard Interview about the song "Bad Things") A CamRen Smut Collection (with pictures). I also take requests. Just send me dms, comment down, or reply on my...

  • Camren Smut
    170K 1.6K 13

    Converted Camren Smut mostly g!p [some chapters are private unless you follow me, i dont know how to change that i'm sorry]

  • Just A Little 5H (ageplay)
    111K 2.2K 21

    Camren are littles that get stuck in their headspace.

  • Chatroom 1432 (camren)
    116K 4K 31

    5 girls from across the country stumble upon Chatroom 1432 where new friendships & possibly a few relationships will be formed.

    Completed   Mature
  • A snowy surprise (Camren/Norminah)
    3.1K 78 1

    One shot 🍌 Camila g!p ;) Dinah g!p ;)) Dinah and Normani's romantic getaway is threatened when Camila and Lauren get snowed in and have to share their holiday home. Warning: Graphic sex. Not for those who giggle at words like penis. This story isn't mine... I saw it on by drcjsnider Make sure you chec...

    Completed   Mature
  • Someone Else
    40.1K 823 12

    Lauren Jauregui, Miami highs cheerleading captain, a sweet not so innocent girl. Camila Cabello, the captain of the basketball team, huge player but secretly a huge romantic. What happens when these two fall for eachother, but someone is between them? Camila G!P

  • I think i love a Vampire
    66K 1.7K 36

    So there was this girl named Lauren Jauregui and as innocent as she always looked like she always get in trouble more than you believe. So what happens when she meets the beautiful and mysterious Camila Cabello at her new school? how will she react to the Secrets that she keeps??? G!P Camila

    Completed   Mature
  • Kitten⇒Camren
    1.5K 48 6

    When Camila finds a little kitten hybrid on the streets who's name is Lauren KittenHybrid!Lauren Lauren is a jet black Bombay cat (like my cat)

  • Camren OneShots
    528K 12.8K 73

    Camren one shots that I write when I'm bored Feel free to send me prompts/suggestions!

  • Laundry Room (Camren)
    22.5K 482 1

    What happens when Camila walks in on her roommate pleasuring herself using the washing machine? Basically Lauren's sexually frustrated by Camila and Camila whipped af Published: October 2016 Vote/Comment/Share!! -D

    Completed   Mature
  • Writing On The Wall - Text Fic (Camren)
    1M 29.8K 150

    It said "Call Lauren for a Good Time" and under the writing on the wall was a number

  • Moon Child (A Camren KidFic)
    30.3K 1.4K 34

    Camila Cabello is a twenty-four-year-old upcoming first-grade teacher. She is returning after taking time off from a divorce. She has a lot of growing to endure along with her first-grade class. Among her students is little miss Lauren Jauregui. Lauren does not realize it yet but her home just is not home anymore...

  • Wonder in My Eyes
    4.4K 359 4

    "Our movements bond together As if we'd be dancing forever Promise me that you'll never forget Never forget how much you mean to me You know I'll always be here to catch you" ---- Little au.

  • Nothing much, just fine, I am doing well.
    12.3K 316 20

    After being bullied for years at home and at school, Camila Cabello was immune to all kinds of emotions. She doesn't feel anything anymore. And then there is Lauren, a school bully, who was also struggling inside. [Highest rank ~ #11 in camilacabello]

  • Another Camren/ Norminah Smut
    1.3K 25 5

    It's not that good sorry 😐

  • My Princess (Camren)
    91.4K 2.4K 33

    Lauren and Camila are sisters who have been living together alone since their parents died. They both have feelings for each other but don't dare to tell one another, fearing for it to ruin their sisterly love. But what happens when Camila becomes a little too overprotective of Lauren? If you don't like these kind...

  • Heartbreaker | Camren ➸ Short Story
    46.5K 1.3K 11

    "You're the only girl I need, I gotta have you back, Jauregui." "I was never yours in the first place Cabello. I always belonged to the city, to myself." Highest Ranking: #66 in camrenfanfic

  • Camren Drabbles
    86K 3.5K 33

    In which a legal adult (kill me) graduates in May and writes shitty Camren drabbles when she's bored.

  • The Death And Life Of Lauren Jauregui
    19.3K 967 15

    The day Lauren died her life changed forever. - Scientist Camila works for the government on a top secret project to bring Lauren back from the dead.

  • My Dad Doesn't Like You(Camren-short story)
    52.1K 1.5K 9

    Fuckgirl Camila is crazy for her sweet,innocent neighbor Lauren and she's tried everything to woo her but Lauren doesn't give her a second glance until one day when she finally tells Camila that if she's able to make her dad like her then,Lauren will go on a date with her. . Cover @noel_ve90

  • smile for me | camren one shot
    12.6K 687 1

    Thirteen year old Lauren got her braces. She refused to smile at anything or anyone that would involve showing the metallic linings across her teeth. The three best friends Dinah, Normani, and Ally try to make her smile, but unsuccessfully so. But, how about her not so subtle and obvious crush on her other best fri...

  • submissive
    34.4K 807 2

    Lauren just wants to be a good girl for her mistress. (submissive!lauren + mistress!camila.) (This work may not be posted/copied/reproduced/translated without explicit permission from the author.)

  • The Wolf Girl
    16.9K 1.2K 7

    Camila never expected to find a girl out in the wilderness, naked. Feral!Lauren

  • Baby Mama (Kidfic)((On Hiatus))
    28.2K 1.1K 8

    Camila Cabello, a 32 year old police detective lived the ultimate bachelor lifestyle. Her life revolved around work and work only, she had no idea how to have fun. To her fun was doing her job. While all of her friends were settling down and getting married, Camila was working. She didn't want to settle down and get m...

  • A Minor Offense
    14.1K 349 3

    Lauren Jauregui is just an ordinary, typical high school girl. She gets good grades, has a good group of friends, and has a wonderful boyfriend of two years. Her life was pretty simple, until she comes back from winter break. When a school announcement was made that her English teacher will not be coming back for the...