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  • Into Depravity -II- Book One of the Tales of the Fourth Age Series
    566 76 3

    While traveling through the Dead Marshes, Gollum told Frodo about his past before the Ring found him. Now, three years after the War of the Ring, haunted by the story, Frodo sits down to put the story down in the Red Book in the hopes to give anyone who reads it a different perspective on the sad life of Smeagol, and...

  • A Reason to Stay -II- Book Two of the Tales of the Fourth Age Series
    768 113 5

    Frodo is planning on leaving Middle Earth with his uncle, but a lot can happen in a week. At an early birthday party for him, Frodo runs into someone he does not expect, and one who may just change his mind. What people are saying. "I'm glad that this is based off of the book, almost every fanfic is based on the movie...

  • Throne of Stone -II- Book Three of the Tales of the Fourth Age Series
    1.7K 255 11

    Aragorn clasped his hands behind his back and began to slowly pace around the table. "Four years I have been king, Faramir, and every step of the way I've had to fight for my kingdom. "I thought the fighting would be done after the War, that there would be such peace between the peoples of Middle-Earth to be worthy of...

  • Boromir's Return -II- Book Four of the Tales of the Fourth Age Series
    3.8K 453 23

    *** Highest Ranked #1 in #Boromir 05/09/18 to 05/24/18 *** Sneak peak... It was his fault; he let himself be tricked by the ring, had tried to claim it for Gondor. No, for himself. Boromir shuddered as he ran, unsure of where he was running to; all he knew was that he no longer trusted himself to do what was right for...