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  • Chemical Kids, Mechanical Brides, and Bulletproof Love // vic fuentes
    23K 275 20

    This is the basic fairytale. Boy meets girl. Boy and girl fall in love. But, this fairytale has a twist. Boy, Vic Fuentes, and girl, Karli Merges, did fall in love but in their fairytale it started with an unhappy ending. Vic and Karli break-up and part ways. Karli falls pregnant with Vic's daughter. Almost four year...

  • My Dad Founded Warped Tour (Vic Fuentes)
    16.7K 326 6

    Sadie Lyman isn't your typical girl, and she doesn't have a typical life either. Her dad created Warped Tour! You can just imagine how crazy her life is with that alone. She and her sister will have the experience of a lifetime this year when their dad finally lets them go on a whole Warped Tour. Will Sadie's dr...

  • Disasterology ~ Vic Fuentes
    102K 2.9K 43

    This is a love story of one nobody who accidentaly bumps into her idol at a coffee shop. Her parents abused her ever since the age of 11 when her real father passed away. This hero, who happens to be Victor Vincent Fuentes, has been the one who helped her through all of her ups and downs as a child. These two will go...

  • second chances won't leave us alone | p.t.v
    124K 3.4K 51

    Do you believe that second chances are real? I sure wish I didn't. I mean like, who really thinks you can walk up to someone and be like; "hey, I'm sorry man." And then, BAM, everything's normal. I mean, how unrealistic does that sound. But what if someone you truly cherished once asked for forgiveness? Would you give...

    Completed   Mature