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  • Growing Pains ✔
    9.2K 1.3K 35

    Growing up in a house with whispered secrets and closed doors leaves Jamie struggling to believe he is truly part of the family. Not quite fitting in at school, home should be his sanctuary, but it is the place where he feels most alone. "When I was six my life was perfect, and then mom married Louis. He was more like...

  • Bound by Fate
    9.9K 555 26

    Elizabeth and Kingstons lifes have always been planned out for them. What to wear, how to act and who to love. What happens when their perfect life spins out of control? They are forced to marry but only they can learn to love each other. Can they get passed their past and move on to a brighter future?Or will the pas...

    Completed   Mature
  • Wandering with You ✔️
    91.2K 5.2K 52

    ✈️ Formerly featured on Wattpad Picks✈️ Thomas has it all: nobility, money, the girl, and a position waiting for him at the family business. But when he thinks about the life ahead of him, he can't breathe. So he takes a gap year backpacking. Nadia's relationship with Khai has many faults, but true love isn't suppose...

    Completed   Mature
  • A Trade Of Hearts |✔
    4.6M 196K 77

    Hate at first sight, revenge at next and then comes total chaos! ∆∆∆ "The ones you love the most have the power to hurt you the most." Vanessa Catherine Hudson at twenty-four is more familiar with this statement than she'd like to be. The tabloids would say that she has it all, until someone looks at her from her own...

  • Wonder Writers Book Club [CLOSED]
    33.6K 2.2K 56

    « More than 200 active members » Every writer is a warrior. Are you an undiscovered writer who sacrificed everything to expose your work? You've done the Read for Read deal, yet you don't feel like anyone is reading your work, despite that high number of reads glowing beside your book? Then you've bumped into the righ...

  • Beautiful Tragedy ✔️
    2.3M 82.7K 45

    **Highest Ranking : #1 in Chicklit** [ A WATTPAD FEATURED STORY ] Mabel Carter traveled half way across the country to attend college and get away from her dark past. After so many years she finally feels as though she's the one in control of her own life and she's on the way to mending her fragile heart. Until she...

  • Death Warrant
    6.3K 867 23

    Mapril high, the place where heir and heiress of some multinational companies study. The school where there is no place for the average or middle class students. Yet, Amanda smith, a middle class girl with highly fertile parents and financial issues, managed to land her spot in Mapril High. So what happens when after...