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  • The Fear of the Unknown
    72 2 2

    A short poem about not knowing what to do when you have done everything you can.

  • NEW ME
    3.6K 173 15

    what people make us believe is not who we are,. just realize that.

  • Stupid mistake(Poetry)
    238 20 1

    Those lies within a single word.(Rearranged)

  • Sad Poems 2
    5.5K 216 24

    I wasn't intending another Sad poems book but I find it hard to not feel the stories. I necessarily don't feel like that.

  • Sad poems
    649K 16.2K 37

    Sadness is reality of every day. I was asked what inspired me to write this- My answer is some bad days and empathy, for I know I am not alone in this, and neither are you.

  • Halfway Gone
    629 44 14

  • Because of you
    54 3 1

    Just a random poem

  • The Girl Stuck In Silence
    5.6K 356 42

    Short story told in poems, about a girl that got bullied. She never stood up for herself or did anything so they would leave her alone, because her parents taught her to remain silent. She's the one to listen, because 'she deserves everything'. It would be really amazing if you read it and tell me how much you liked i...