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  • Reasons to Live
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    please refrain from leaving hateful comments, this is a safe space for all. These are 100 reasons to live. Some of the little things that make life better ❀❁❃ • There's always a reason [Completed] ©Botanophile 2015 Began writing: 10.31.15 Finished writing: 1.22.16

  • 99 reasons to stay alive.
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    more a book for me, than for others.

  • Suicide: What You Didn't Know
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    Read if you are considering suicide.

  • 7 Keys To Happiness
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    Pharrell Williams shares his 7 Keys to Happiness in support of creating a happy, healthy planet through climate action.

  • 100 ways to be happy
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    Here are 100 ways to stay happy and positive to live a great life

  • Book of Positivity
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    A book with good nice quotes incase you're feeling down. :)

  • 125 Reasons to Love Yourself ↛ you
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    "you should go & love yourself." dedicated to anybody who has ever felt suicidal or is suicidal. -j,,,ily.❥

  • reasons to live
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    // 50 reasons for you to live // love ya'll please read!