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  • Russian Roulette - Kakashi
    1.3K 110 1

    Click Click The metal against his temple was cool and steady, a contrast to the nervous heat coursing through him. Click Click The sound of the empty barrels sent adrenaline running through his veins and caused cold sweat to emerge from his palms. When was the bullet going to fire? He wondered harmlessly, eyes lazily...

  • Rebirth [MADASAKU FIC]
    119K 7K 21

    Sakura was tired. So very tired. And it's not even the type of tired you feel after a sleepless night. Or the type you feel after exercising. It's a deep rooted tired, that you feel in the very depths of your soul. That makes the seconds feel like minutes, the minutes feel like hours, the hours feel like days, and da...

  • Psychopaths
    77.9K 4.5K 13

    Everyone knows about how Hidan slaughtered his neighbors before heading off to join the Akatsuki. What most didn't know was that just like Itachi Uchiha, Hidan had someone he just couldn't kill. A little girl who was founded and taken in by the Village Hidden in the Leaves. A girl who would be placed on Team Seven. A...

  • The Daughter of Athena(Percy Jackson)
    515 18 4

    Annabeth has a problem. She can barely remember anything before waking up in a park in San Francisco, then suddenly being chased by a crazy woman with a chihuahua. Somehow she managed to make it to a mysterious camp for demi-gods as they put it, but doesn't unlock any memories for her. The one and only thing she can...

  • My Favorite Color is You {Kiribaku - BNHA}
    61.8K 3.2K 4

    Kirishima's a simple art student who's had his eye on the attractive blonde who frequents the same Starbucks he studies at for a while, though he's too chicken to do anything about his little crush until he accidentally runs into him. Literally. /Twice./ (This description is awful and I apologize; as soon as I come up...

  • Kakashi's Death (One shot)
    2.3K 140 1

    Kakashi saves Tenzou

  • Reborn - Kakashi Uchiha [DISCONTINUED]
    179K 6.5K 26

    Kakashi is reborn but there's a twist! He's born... as an uchiha. Now knowing the future, how will things take a turn? no romance ADOPTED BY @strawhat_pirate

  • The Queen of Masks [Sakura Haruno Story]
    810K 42.1K 101

    There is a famous legend telling the story of a woman. No one knows her age or what she looks like, since she always has a fox mask on her face. They only knew what to do if one ever came across her. Turn and run the other direction. She had been reported to randomly appear while ninjas are on missions and k...

  • Breaking Faith | Hatake Kakashi
    927K 41.9K 151

    "To break ones faith is a sin that not even god himself could forgive." :: Hatake Kakashi x OC ( This book is in the same universe and connected to 'Haven | Senju Tobirama' )

  • interspecies • interconnect (Naruto/Tokyo Ghoul Crossover)
    5.7K 199 7

    Kumiko Ikeda had never been able to live a normal life. She wanted nothing more than to become a shinobi but she was restricted by her mother and their specie's ways. Of course, being a ghoul made it hard for her to live the life she wanted. Nevertheless, she pushed through until she achieved her dream. What she had t...

  • Roommates
    99.5K 3.1K 21

    I'm accepted to the best boarding-school in Japan, I have good teachers that I get along with and my rommates are the two most popular boys in school. It can't be better! ... Hear the sarcasm? Mostly NejiTen. Don't worry it has SasuSaku, NaruHina, ShikaIno.

  • NOMU (kiribaku)
    115K 5.1K 25

    Bakugou's father forced Katsuki to live in the military and as a high ranking officer was able to pay off anyone that would tell what he was doing to him. (Old version of "Katsuki Noumu" please read the new one)

  • Hail Friendship!
    74K 4.4K 27

    The cycle of rebirth is a heavy burden for one soul to bear, but perhaps one does not need to carry it alone. Self-Insert OC SI/OC

  • Freeze Frame
    3.1M 184K 132

    There are plenty of quirks nobody has ever heard of. They pop up all the time. With each new generation comes a wave of possibilities for power, and for new breeds of hero to be born.The hero business is getting more powerful by the day, so you have to have one hell of a quirk to make it. Lillian Faust did not think s...

  • When It's All Over [NejiTen Fanfiction] | ✓
    10.5K 488 6

    When I was five, I never expected to fall in love with his pale skin and long, deep brown hair. Well, I guess I should have told him earlier.

  • Second Time's The Charm
    464K 21.5K 41

    Tobirama knew bringing back the dead was possible. He knew that anything was possible in the ninja world. That didn't mean, however, that he ever believed in reincarnation. But here he was, with a new family and a ragtag group of friends, in a village he barely recognized, facing the same demons as before. Would he ev...

  • Shadowed Sun
    140K 10K 45

    Life can be a cruel thing, especially when it was never meant to be given to you in the first place. Self-Insert / SI OC. -COMPLETE-

  • Predecessor
    117K 7.2K 15

    Sakura sees ghosts. Well, just one, in particular. And he calls himself Indra. au!verse itasaku

  • Stumble [Rewrite]
    2.1M 111K 72

    Sakura wanted to die. Sasori was fine with staying dead. But it seemed fate had other plans for them, because when they both wake up younger with blood pulsing through their veins, they had to remember how to live again. Time Travel AU Rewrite of Stumble (2013) Cover by: @SkyKnight_ BETA: @OfCloves

  • A Couple Steps Back
    1.5M 79.1K 73

    They failed, and they weren't proud of it either. With nobody left to save, and nothing left to do, the three men have given up all hope. Obito and Madara and merciless, and show no signs of stopping anytime soon. Death after death, battle after battle. They're tired, and they're done. They thought they'd already foug...

  • Rotted Rowan
    104K 7.1K 38

    Not everyone can be a hero. Sometimes you have to play the villain in order to save everyone. OC Self-Insert SI OC

  • Naruto Shippuden: girl from whirlpools
    3.4K 231 27

    When naruto's father met his mother, his only impression that a village out there must be missing it's idiot. Minato/Kushina "By SilverShine" not by me

  • The Five Times Leo Valdez Almost Died and the One Time He Did
    11.2K 450 6

    A sad tale of some of the worst moments in Leo's life. (Not as sad as you'd probably think)

  • My Blood (TodoDabi One-Shot)
    4.9K 132 1

    Shouto would do anything for him. It's his older brother, the one who's protected him from day one. Why wouldn't he follow him wherever he goes?

    Completed   Mature
  • Garbage Dump: Kiribaku One Shots
    83.8K 4.7K 21

    A collection of all my Kiribaku One Shots! Ritualistic Greed: Bakugous greed for happiness leads him to summon up a demon, but this demon is more of a bother than anything. Venting: During a subway ride Kirishima sees that Bakugou looks upset and despite being strangers he asks what's wrong. Lab Partners: Bakugou get...

  • Not Everything is Sunshine
    85.3K 4K 13

    All of middle school Kirishima was that emo kid. The one who wore hoodies to cover his scars and did his best to avoid people. But when he gets into his dream highschool, UA, he decides to fix himself up. He meets Bakugou, who's a shit person but oddly, is nice to Kirishima.

  • Under The Same Stars [Kiribaku]
    8K 532 1

    Bakugou has never been good with words. Kirishima has never been good with self-confidence. Bakugou tries to help, in his own special way. It's time to take a hike!

  • Roses Are Red [Kiribaku]
    86.8K 4.3K 6

    Katsuki was really sick of the taste of flowers.

  • 2am Knows All Secrets [Kiribaku]
    747K 31K 15

    ... It wasn't that he was annoyed. Okay, maybe he was a little annoyed, but that was because a certain explosive punk decided to test the flammability of his sheets at 2 in the morning. Every single morning. (In which Bakugou's quirk wakes Kirishima up, and Kirishima gets way too invested in his bro's well-being.)