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  • this is america, my love || shrek x obama
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    what happens when shrek he finds out something from fiona and obama is not president anymore? - distracted, obama walked into someone and fell on their plump chest. "kYAAAAAAA!!!" the person screamed, shocked from the sudden fall. obama looked up, speak of the devil. it was the person he was just thinking about. - s...

  • Jiwoo x Cryaotic x PewDiePie x Dodger - The Wonderful World Of Pregnancy
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    Discover a world where a YouTuber named Cryaotic gets pregnant by a mystic rabbit named Jiwoo. DRAMA, PASSION AND LOVE is going to hit you hard like a truck! ALSO INCLUDES TRIGGER WARNING! BDSM, SMUT IN GERNEAL ( ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ), SELF-HARMING, FOUL LANGUAGE, YIFFING (FOR ALL THEM FURRIES OUT THERE), MILD RAPE, FEMINIZ...

  • Obey. | maknae line ✓
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    "Oh... Are we, somehow, interrupting? Or did we just come in at the right time?" "No, you've come at the most perfect time. I suppose you want to have a little fun?" ----------------- [ Maknae line x reader - Foursome ] warning; contains smut ! [ started - 26/06/2018 completed - 07/11/2018 ] completed ✓