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  • Quirk : Extreme Omnivore ( KatsuDeku )
    10.6K 1K 20

    Izuku has a quirk to be able eat anything and I mean anything.

  • Lighten up, baby (HIATUS)
    514 43 2

    Izuku has always been different in his childhood. So what if he likes to listen to death metal? So what if he likes wearing black? So what if he always makes self depricating jokes that may or may not be serious? He can easily take the spotlight with his amazing, super awesome, better than All fucking Might's quirk Fu...

  • No.1 Hero Deku
    3.7K 121 13

    This is a story about Midoriya Izuku an average quirkless kid who suddenly gets his all time favourite hero 'All Might' is quirk. But instead of starting up with 5% power he's able to use 100% off the dot. Read his story about how he becomes the number 1 hero, the best hero, the next 'Symbol of peace'. When he uses h...

  • Villain Family (HIATUS)
    34.6K 1.1K 19

    (Cover by AnimeFreaks123) The day Izuku was born was the day that the league of villains base became a place full of happiness, at least for them. When Izuku was born Inko didn't want him, nor did his father. They both were work obsesed and didin't give Izuku what every parent should give their child... love They got...

  • Thank Kami
    5.3K 74 15

    [I don't own My Hero Academia or anything to do with it all rights to to their respective owners. I also do not own any content that may be of other owners e.g. Percy Jackson] Izuku Midoriya was a exceptional child, his intelligence at a young age was incredible, his joy everything about him was interesting, but one t...

  • In exchange of a quirk ( BNHA )
    36.5K 2.3K 29

    In a world where everyone develops a quirk and two marks at the age of four, one representing them, and one representing their soulmate How come Kirishima, Bakugou and Todoroki all share the same one? Who was their mate? Surely they already know, so why haven't they appeared yet? ( Non-canon compliant on most of the...

  • The quirk stealing hero Izuku Midoriya
    65.9K 1.7K 79

    I've seen a lot of my hero academia fics where izuku has all for one or is the son of all for one or both thought I'd add my own spin to it. By the way the art in the cover isn't mine.

  • Relive your memories ( bnha fanfic ) ( Kinda DekuBowl )
    117K 7.3K 85

    Izuku had always thought he was quirkless, so he wonders why after he jumped off the roof top, he awakes up to class just in time for Bakugou to torment him and say the exact same words that drove Izuku to jumping off anyways, so he does it again and finds himself at the same predicament "Congratulations Izuku, your...

  • Nalu - The Women Of The Forest and The Man Of The City
    2.7K 158 7

    Natsu is a well known thief in his city. He has a soft spot for flowers, but he's never been outside the city gates. Lucy is a well known maiden. Not to humans though. To the animals. Lucy has lived in the forest for her whole life, learning how to speak with animals and nature, but she's never been inside the city ga...

  • Nalu - The one who's always alone
    15.9K 581 16

    Lucy Heartfilia lives with a stranger. A stranger who abuses her each and every day. She goes to school like a normal person, but its shocking at how much distance she keeps herself away from people. No one has ever heard her speak. Not even the stranger she lives with has heard her speak. She doesn't know what friend...

  • Ghosting You, Kacchan.
    5.3K 189 23

    Izuku is diagnosed with being quirkless. From this he is bullied, heavily by his friend Bakougo. After All Might tells him he can't be a hero, he takes Kacchans advice.. And swan dives off the roof. But now Bakougo has to live with the weight of having drove some one to suicide. As he continues to go on with his drea...

  • The Thin Grey Line (Boku no Hero Academia Fanfic)
    129K 6.1K 22

    The beauty of the era of quirks wasn't the amazing abilities; it was that nobody sane would even entertain the thought that Kuroko, the most wanted vigilante in all of Japan, was Quirkless. Disclaimer: This story does not belong to me. It belongs to @A_ToastToTheOutcasts on Archiveofourown, and neither of us owns Boku...

  • Drawings 2
    334 82 17

    Yay! More art! Hello... Fairytail stages

  • Random stories about my life
    649 57 45

    I'm weird -_-

  • Seven Days To Make Him Mine (NaLu)
    13.9K 444 12

    Lucy is cursed and only has 7 days to live before she dies. The only way to break the curse is a kiss from her true love before her time is up. However, Natsu already has a girlfriend, Lisanna. When he accidentally hears about Lucy, he can't stop thinking about her. Cover by @FoxcatAI

  • The Colors I Once Knew (On Hiatus)
    967 1 8

    Iris Sylvon loves how colors makes the world pop and more beautiful. But on her seventh birthday, blowing the candles, a tragedy comes into play... -:-:- "Will she be okay?!?" A mother panicked looking at a seven year old girl. "She is fine, but sadly... She has Achromatopsia, meaning she can only see the world in the...

  • In Mother's Footsteps ✔️ FT Watty Awards | fairy tail
    33K 1.5K 13

    [Completed] Lucy has been sick for ages, soon enough the Fairy Tail guild finds out, and brings her quickly to the infirmary in their guild after a horrific scene. Trying to see what's wrong with their fellow guild mate what will they come to find? Is Lucy just as sick as her mother was? Will she follow in her mother'...

    63.9K 2.5K 29

    (REWRITING) lucy heartfilia: the girl who hates celebrities. natsu dragneel: the leader of one of the most famous bands in the world. lucy is in for the ride of a lifetime. Was once #113 in fanfiction

    177 16 9

    Robots have taken over the world. Only some survivors. If a human is found they have two options: Become a Robot or Die. Now, most bots are mostly created from being captured but there are super advanced, very strong, very intelligent robots made from scratch. Pure metal and wires. Their main duty is to work, capture...

  • A Fairy In a World of Swords
    54.9K 1.8K 23

    Sword Art Online, a game where anyone who dies will die in real life. Fairy Tail, a guild for wizards who accept jobs which help them to improve their magic skills. What happens when the two worlds collide? Follow your favourite characters and see what happens when a Fairy goes into the World of Swords.

  • The Legend Of The Fallen Stars (NaLu Fanfaic)
    133 14 4

    make a wish upon a star and your dreams will go far Lucy and Natsu two stars separated at birth (yes actual stars) fallen as soon as they were born on the same day at the same time you could say they were twins (which they are) two twins that are destined to be together forever for eternity when they both landed on...

  • Problems
    12K 333 57

    Natsu and Lucy encounter many problems as they are in the guild. Natsu helps Lucy discover a secret barried deep within herself. Will this be good for the guild. Or will it bring the whole guild trouble.

  • My swimmer( a nalu fanfiction)
    6.7K 201 13

    Lucy is a part of the swim team of fairy tail high, Natsu is her best friend What will happen if Natsu starts to have feelings for his best friend? Will it break up their friendship? Will Lucy have the same feelings for natsu? Or will lissana take him first? Read to find out DISCLAIMER :Mashima-sensei owns fairy tail...

  • The Celestial Goddess
    32.2K 775 12

    After the Grand Magic Games, everyone is avoiding Lucy. Until one day they attempt to hurt her, Lucy can't take it anymore and unleashed her true power. She will have her revenge and torture them one by one. Will Lucy have a change of heart? Read to know duuh

  • Her picture in his wallet
    29.7K 1.1K 3

    Everyone knew how Lucy and Natsu felt about each other in Fairy tail. Well, everyone except Lucy and Natsu. Everyone knew that they liked each other but both would laugh and say that they were just friends. So when one day Mira finds the proof that everyone is looking for they are over the moon. But how will Natsu rea...

  • Never Ending Love [Yandere NaLu] | AU
    9.4K 236 22

    Lucy Heartfilia is living a very depressing life, having to experienced an abusing father, getting bulled mentally and physically thanks to Lissana Strauss. But that all changes when a new student comes into Lucy's life. But whit all great thing's ther is a problem. So she will do what ever it takes to keep im all to...

  • Heterochromia
    2K 96 2

    Natsu, the "odd" boy in the class. I mean sure he's loud, but so is Gray. He's crazy, but so is Gajeel. He's hungry, but so is Erza. What's so special about him? Oh yeah, he's got a green eye and a brown eye. Heterochromia: when two people with stolen eye colors met from fate. If the two souls met they get their no...

  • Experimented on in a Dead World (Nalu)
    72.7K 2.7K 37

    Lucy and Natsu have been experimented on as infants. They grew up together. But after an accident, they are separated for ten years. Now around nineteen years old, she finally finds her 'other half'

  • The Sounds of Flames ~ A Nalu Fanfic
    333K 12.4K 50

    Lisanna has returned to Earthland and back to Fairy Tail. What does this mean for the residential Celestial Mage? Who is becoming more ignored and hated by her nakama? This is the story of the betrayal of Sound. (I don't own Fairy Tail, Hiro Mashima does. I mean, would he really write Nalu fanfiction on Wattpad and in...

  • Secret Pop Star
    9.1K 208 20

    Nerd glasses, clothes too big for her and pigtails. Lucy Heartfilia was a victim of bullying. Everyone ignored and dissed her. But everyone in school totally love the teen pop star, Celeste Heart. One of Lucy's biggest bully Natsu Dragneel was even a fan of her, he started music because of her and he hopes to meet her...