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  • ZX: The After Years
    60 5 1

    Zero's death struck everyone's heart with grief. Ciel and Prairie now work together, aided by Aile, Vent, Grey, and Ashe. Together they've formed a more powerful force to take down the Mavericks, but even though they've accomplished this much, Zero still lies within Ciel's heart. With the pieces of Zero she found, she...

  • The Guardians:Zero's Origins
    610 26 14

    How did Zero become the person he is today? Who was he before?How is it that he's a warrior? This story will explain it all. Read to find out who Zero is and how he became the person he is today.

  • Light of Hope
    1.5K 42 16

    After a shocking loss against the Eggman Empire, hope fades from the world as rumors of Sonic's failure travels across the planet. The Freedom Fighters rally together, determined not to let Eggman gain control of the world. But without knowing what they're really up against, they must fight the dangers blindly just to...

  • Mega Man Zero 4-Believe In Me
    3K 52 16

    [Status: COMPLETED] It's been 8 months since Zero had defeated Omega, in a crucial final battle to save mankind. But.... Dr. Weil escapes, and is the leader of Neo Arcadia. As Zero and Ciel make a last ditch effort to save mankind..... Does Zero have it in himself to be a legendary hero? But..... can Zero believe in C...

  • Mega Man Zero 1-A Hero's Awakening
    1.7K 46 8

    (Status: COMPLETED) It has been 102 years since Zero had sealed himself into hibernation, but with a utopia of Neo Arcadia led by Master/Copy X, with the 4 Guardians, by killing innocent Reploids, but the Resistance, led by a 14 year old human scientist named Ciel, it seems that the Resistance had lost hope..... Now...

  • Mega Man Zero 3: The Final Battle
    5K 62 14

    [Status: COMPLETED] It's been 2 months since Zero defeated Elpizo, from the Dark Elf, but now that her location is unknown, for the Resistance along with Zero and Ciel, but... unfortunately for Zero though.... he doesn't realize of his own body also his own fate. But after everything that Zero has done so much in his...

  • Megaman zero 4 Script
    315 3 1

    No One uploaded this...? HERE YA GO FELLA!!

  • Soul Reaper Zero
    620 5 17

    Zero died while defeating Weil. Now, he's resurrected in the bleach universe along with X and the 4 guardians with the help of Urahara, Dr Light and Ciel. Set after Rescue Rukia arc. Characters from classic series till Megaman Zero appear. Heroes of the past and present join forces to face Aizen. Multiple pairings. U...

  • Megaman Zero 5
    478 9 2

    (Fan-Based Story, Megaman Zero Series belong to Capcom)

  • Megaman Zero 5: Fan Novel
    1.1K 35 5

    All characters are copyrighted by Capcom. All I did was whip up a fan novel.

  • Megaman Zero:A Dimensional Journey
    5.3K 58 24

    After the legendary hero, Zero is sent to another dimension(aka the real world), a human teenage boy,his girlfriend,and another friend help him and Ciel on their quest to get back to their world. However, they are pursued by two evil entities that have a bone to pick with Zero. Will the five be able to stop the two fo...

  • Sonic Zx
    1.7K 19 12

    The worlds of Megaman Zero and Sonic collide. Enter Sonic Zx. Book 1 in the Sonic Zx series. Taking place after the events of Megaman Zero 4 and the Sonic X television series. Who knows what will unfold as these two worlds meet. Give it a try and I promise you wont be disappointed.