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  • Angel (conected universe MARVEL & DC)
    89 3 7

    A normal girl with a normal live living just to dream dreaming to be free free from her horrible world but little does she know she will change _°_ heyo this is the prequel of c2a and there are other for Raven and Alma if you wanted to read the go to @TizzyBlorsh and @PixelMicchi and give a shout out to t...

  • Centurion (Writing break)
    190 6 18

    Raised with an unknown early life, a female Syndrigasti who desperately intend to explore out of her loop March 16th, 2007 Against her headmistress's will, after Alma's great-godmother the former headmistress, left and never returned to the peculiar's home. Despite her desired wisdom Alma ended up on an unexpected twi...

  • The CIIA [conected Universe DC & MARVEL]
    266 9 18

    Three girls :muse, Alma, & Raven. Three driffrent personalities one is kind, gentle yet strict at the same time, one is sharp,goofy yet sometimes space out,one is smart the brain of the three. But if there is one thing that make them the same is they are deadly. WARNING:PROBABLY BAD GRAMMAR, AND SOME SLIGHT BLOOD. Di...

    Completed   Mature
  • Animagus (Marvel & DC Fanfiction)
    244 17 14

    Disclaimer! I do not own Marvel or DC so please, I was just having fun with my friends with my own character and my friend's character. Raven Flynn McCloud is experimented on when she was 7, now she can transform into any animals that are known to man. Check out these people to look at the other stories! @Mirror_Shard...