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  • Unleashing Fire #YAfantasyNovel
    38 8 3

    Marisol has lost her father at a very young age due to the unfair government rules dividing the gifted from the pure. In the country of Barmore not always have been like that, but after the pure-blooded began to fear the Gifted, they decided to get rid of them by the cruelest way - to let them die outside the country'...

  • Nathalie's way back to HELL
    105 13 4

    Adventure Fantasy Book in Short stories. Short stories up to 5000 words for the busy souls out there. This is a bunch of different short stories. The first one, on which is named after the whole book is "Nathalie's way back to HELL". 〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰 Nathalie, a supernatural girl, seventeen, brunette, likes fire and explos...