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  • Fangirl To His Girl
    71.4K 2.7K 68

    What would you do, if you received a message from someone you adore so much?

  • My Bae Noona
    1.6K 68 8

    Main Cast: Kim Taehyung as Hero (V) Kim Joo Hyun(Bae Joo Hyun) as Hero's stepsis (IR) Kim Seok Jin as Eomma (Jn) Kim Namjoon as Abuji (RM) Kim Jong-in as hero's childhood rival (Kai) Jungkook as hero's childhood best friend Other cast: Other Red Velvet members Blackpink members Lecturer Doctor and Nurse Intro.. This...

  • Daddy, is she my Mommy? || BaekMi
    19.7K 1K 20

    "You left us. Just like that." "But I'm back now. And I'm going to take back what's mine. That includes you." All Rights Reserved © @exopink_ and @fangirlolympic

  • Remebering You
    44K 1.8K 66

    What would faded memories do, if you forget them? Book 2 of Fangirl To His Girl Cover by : @saraengs

  • Never A Fangirl
    77.9K 3.5K 59

    What would you do, if a person who came from a very popular kpop group, liked you? Confessed to you? But you were never his fangirl? What would you react? 080617 cover by yours truly @saraengs