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  • TLS #1 : Taming The Badboy
    1.2M 60.7K 33

    TLS #1 Ethan Vecton Handsome , smart as hell , manly body and a playboy. He only look at beautiful and hot girls. He hates and always get cold to nerdy , stupid and ugly girl. Kimberly Medilton She's one of the Vallon's kids but she lives in Seattle with her grandparents. Her grandparents always teach her how to live...

  • Gang Leaders Girl
    1.9M 47.2K 86

    Highest Rank #1 in Completed May 16, 2018 *42 in Romance* February 10th, 2018 "please stop!" I begged. he laughed and punched me in the face. I tasted the metallic copper taste I knew too well. Anna Rose Jacobs Spade has been abused by her ex for a long time. he thought she was weak but she was actually the daughter o...

  • Ten Reasons Not To Die
    4.2M 309K 12

    "Give me ten days, and I can give you ten reasons not to die." Evan paused. "And if I can't change your mind by then, you can go jump off that cliff."