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  • His Perfect Girl
    24.6K 572 23

    Warning!:This is a dark and erotic romance which mean it's contain lots of abuse and sexual scene.So,read at your own risk. "To her he was the beast,but for him she was the love of his life" Gregory Armani,29 years old billionaire who suffered from bipolar disorder which made him couldn't find...

  • break me
    70.2K 1.5K 42

    ❝You know what is so god damn sexy about you, Ari?❞ My front was pressed to the wall, my arms pinned above my head, his hand travelling down my body, giving it something I never thought it would take. ❝You're a sick little perverted motherfu-❞ His thumb pressed against my lips making me freeze in my place at the sudd...

  • Y/N Crush Imagines
    142K 1.9K 46

    All variety selection of chapters of fantasy with you and your dear be loving crush that 1. you never could speak to because you was out of their league or 2. never would of work. +Add to library to get updates of new short stories and don't forget to vote and comment I am also taking requests at the moment if you wi...

  • Is he really a bad boy? [English]
    42.4K 1K 53

    Veronica - 17, model pupil, good faith, and naive. A goodgirl. Maxim - 18, go-getter, smoker, tattooed and cold-hearted. A badboy. Two complete different personalities but they have more in common than they think. Who needs who more? And is Maxim really as cold-hearted as he acts? What is really behind his hard shell...

  • Captain vs Captain
    2.8M 70.3K 74

    Adding a head Cheerleader and a Football Captain together is bound to cause trouble Cover by @cynicswereoutraged xx

  • Love Island 2018
    6.9K 97 9

    Freya Del Castillo has been single for 5 months and after all her flings and party nights she wants to settle down with someone, what's better than the well-known show Love Island. She has a high fan based from her dancing, although that ain't her Job people adore her for it and she adores it more than anything really...

  • Everyone Deserves a Choice
    202K 5.2K 90

    Draco Malfoy X Reader. You were a pure blood wizard family. You were also part of the Slytherin family blood line, your mother was tom riddles biological sister he barely knew, your father was from the Darkfero family. Your mom denied your relation to the Dark Lord but you knew he same blood was in you. Then one da...

  • Roses and Thorns (Reggie Mantle)
    639 15 14

    "But He who dares not grasp the thorn, should never crave the rose." ===== After the Jason Blossom murder was solved,Briar Ramirez was finally at a place in her life that she loved. She had her friends that she loved, her parents finally stopped fighting and she got over the death of her twin sister Roslyn. As she got...

  • Damaged ✭ Sweet Pea
    27K 659 30

    ➬ Disclaimer; ➬ I do not own Riverdale or any of the storylines, all credit to Roberto Aguirre- Sacasa. I do however own Kylie Jones. ❝ This is the story of Kylie Bree Jones, The damaged, loner, outsider, from the wrong side of the tracks. She must start over at Southside High following her father's arrest. But what...

    Completed   Mature
  • "All I've ever known," • riverdale serpent AU
    1.4K 35 7

    Ashton Lynn baker is a Northsider, a Rivervixen, popular, and is dating Reggie mantle. No one knows her truth. No one knows she is a Southsider, no one knows she has serpent blood running through her veins since the day she was born. After Fp's arrest and some old serpent friends come to riverdale high, it becomes...

  • misbehaving → reggie mantle ◞
    227 2 3

    in which two teenagers fail to realise that what they call hate most would call love [ oc x reggie mantle ] [ riverdale season one ] coming soon

  • A Bad Boys Love
    217K 7.2K 35

    "I wanted everything to stay the same, but feelings fade and people change." Sara Hutton never wanted change. She loved living in North Carolina where all her best friends and great memories were. That ends though with her father being murdered and her house being lit on fire. Now living in Detroit, Michigan, all she...

  • Pretty Boy // Reggie Mantle
    1K 32 3

    The Students of Southside High had been freed of their poor education and disgusting hallways. The serpents received a cultural shock like they had never before as they waltzed through the front door to to see bright classrooms and clean floors. The serpents were just happy to have a good educations whereas the wretch...

  • Rich Girl •• Nick St Clair (Riverdale)
    10K 225 24

    "How can you love such a monstrous person?!" "How can you be so low?" "You no nothing about him and I's relationship! Stop trying to make everything about you and stop trying to steal my spotlight! You always do that and I'm sick of it. You know what I'm glad you moved her in riverdale away from Nick and I you concei...

  • The Bet- Sweet pea
    509 10 5

    Angel Lodge. The North side Queen. She makes a bet with a couple of her friends. That bet was that she had to make a Serpent fall in love with her then end it. She would get $200 if she makes it happen. She has 4 months. But what if she can't break up with the Serpent? What if she loves him back? Started- 4/16/18

  • Riverdale Imagines ( Requests Closed)
    67.1K 1.1K 62

    Reggie Archie Jughead Sweet Pea FP Jason Maybe even some Fred and Kevin

  • A New Beginning • Emmerdale
    11.2K 299 29

    Kennedy Dingle is the youngest Dingle. She was a troubled child, when Charity can't cope with her behaviour she is sent to live with her uncle 5 hours away at the age of 12. Now 19, Kennedy returns home, with a dark secret of why she has come back earlier. Can she find the time and place and most importantly the word...

  • Killed by Cancer
    96.2K 4.7K 38

    Alexa was just your typical teenager. She was popular, funny, kind and everyone loved her. Her personality made her friends with pretty much everyone. She was happy and life was going just the right way. Alexa then started to have sharp pains in her chest and had difficulty breathing at times but it was nothing, righ...

  • Southside Serpents ▷ Reggie Mantle
    121K 2.7K 49

    The conflicted love story between an average Northsider, and a female Southside Serpent who withholds a large amount of honor. The Northside: the supposed angelic place where no crimes, nor violence ever occur The Southside: the home of the: drugs, gangs, and the most commonly known gang themselves, The Southside Se...

    Completed   Mature
  • Northside Princess | sweet pea |
    49.8K 1.3K 18

    Marisol Lodge, best friend to Jughead Jones, twin sister to Veronica Lodge. She's a sweet, shy, daddy's girl-but don't let that fool you she is a Lodge after all. What happens when a current not so sweet serpent catches her affection and awakens the desires she didn't know she had? Read to find out

  • Issues ▻ Sweet Pea
    185K 5.8K 29

    In which the youngest of the Lodges falls for a handsome tall Serpent even though she tries hard not to. "Whatever we have, it can't go on any further, Sweet Pea! Don't you understand? I'm from the Northside and you're a Southside Serpent for God's sake. It just can't happen." "Who cares, Vanessa? Why does th...

  • Riverdale Imagines
    120 1 1

    A whole book of imagines I find on tumblr because I can't write for shit and other people can so why not form a book about it ❤️ all credit given to rightful owners unless I decide to write some 😊 no requests since I'm not writing them😪

  • My Boss (EDITING)
    1.5M 46.6K 49

    "You need to learn when to shut that pretty little mouth of yours Lola. Its gunna get you in trouble one day" he says smirking. He was way taller than me and I had to look up at him. I bit my lip trying to suppress a smirk. "Oh I wouldn't do that if I was you" he said pulling my lip from between my teeth. "I'm the onl...

  • I Punched a Mafia King
    876K 26.3K 42

    |HUMOROUS| A Mafia story that's more silly than serious. #2 in Chicklit - 4/Dec/17 #49 in Humor - 22/7/18 It's midnight once again, and I'm in my cramped room looking at all the old photo albums of my family before the split. Each picture holds a precious memory that's frozen in time. Picture by picture, page by page...

  • Babygirl {Charles Melton}
    13.4K 325 6

    In which Vanessa Morgan's cousin, Violet Morgan, gets casted as a new character in Riverdale. {Riverdale Season 2 - ?} { Charles Melton X OC} {Social Media, Real Life}

  • Toxic|| Reggie Mantle (1)
    12.8K 304 16

    [completed|edited] ❝ she may look like the innocent flower but the blood in her veins is toxic ❞ What if Jellybean Jones was in town when Jason Blossom was murdered? What if she and Jughead both stayed with their father? After her mom left, Jellybean has put up a wall. Never to let anyone get close to her. But one per...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Alpha
    440K 17.2K 98

    I ran as fast as I could hoping the giant wolf wouldn't catch up but obviously he did he tackled me and stared at me . he got off and shifted back into human form I stared up at him , he was like a Greek god , he had dirty blonde hair and blue eyes and was buff ,had tattoos , and a scar under his eye making him look e...

    Completed   Mature
  • Bunk'd: Eric love story
    48.5K 778 26

    Hope u guys enjoy the book.

  • Teen Wolf Imagines and Preferences
    433K 7.4K 72

    Doing imagines and preferences of Scott,Stiles,Derek,Isaac, Liam and more! Request are open!!