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  • Distasteful Profession
    7.2K 245 22

    John is a new officer in the London Homicide unit. He's teamed up with a very eccentric Blood Spatter Analyst in forensics named Sherlock. They're working together to find who killed Mary Morstan and many others and the truth will have John speechless.

    Completed   Mature
  • Compromises - A Johnlock Fanfiction
    39.3K 1.5K 12

    A Johnlock fanfiction based on BBC Sherlock in which Sherlock and John solve a case and discover they have feelings for each other. (COMPLETE)

  • Johnlock Oneshots
    103K 4.7K 41

    a collection of johnlock oneshots/song fics {beautiful cover by the beautiful @queen_mycroft}

  • Benedict Cumberbatch x Reader One Shots
    18K 502 5

    Benedict Cumberbatch x Reader One Shots

  • Johnlock
    81.8K 3.2K 25

    Description: Sherlock and John soon find their feelings for each other are mutual. But what happens with it? There are consequences...

  • I See Your Pain
    976 50 3

    They say you are able to see and experience whatever pain your soulmate is feeling. For John, all he knows about his soulmate is that whoever it is, they are suffering. After many nights of watching fresh cuts appear on his arms, John's soulmate nearly kills himself. When John gets hospitalised due to an accident, wil...

  • Johnlock fan fiction.
    4K 207 8

    Completely horrible at descriptions and it's kinda OOC but give it a try, you'll probably be disappointed (or you might not be who knows)😂

  • It's An Experiment
    31.8K 1.2K 11

    What happens when Sherlock starts to act a little bit different towards John? Can a sociopath actually show emotions?

  • The Bi and The Gay
    11.2K 536 51

    John Watson accidentally walks into the ballet studio after rugby practice, mistaking it for the showers. He meets Sherlock Holmes and doesn't know he has met the love of his life. DISCLAIMER: okay, i was really fucking drugged up in the time period i wrote this, so it's a bit wonkers. just buckle your seat belts and...

  • Something in the Water (a johnlock fanfiction)
    23.2K 1K 11

    In this AU of Sherlock, John is a merman who is trapped in a lake nearby the university where Sherlock attends. One day they meet and both their lives are changed forever.

  • I love you more than Pop-Punk (Punk!Lock)
    2.6K 73 18

    "John, I want you to know I'm in love with you." I whispered into his ear as we got to his door. John grinned and pushed his glasses farther up on his nose. "I love you more than music. Music saved my life, but you make life worth living."

  • Freak - Teenlock/Johnlock AU
    5K 286 9

    John Watson has never made friends. And Sherlock Holmes has never considered trying. That is, until they form the perfect mismatch - which just so happens to be the day that their teacher is found burnt to death in one of the chemistry labs. Teenlock... Johnlock... Crimelock... Sherlock "Really good" - the author

  • BackStage
    954 100 10

    John is a handyman backstage at the Royal Ballet, but no one knows that it's not just a job to make ends meet. John has a passion for dancing and even went to school for it. When he can't get a job, he works backstage so he can watch the elegant dancers prance across the stage and memorize the steps. Paying special at...

  • And Be Loved In Return
    393 21 2

    "The greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return" ~ This story follows a man broken from war to Paris where he finds himself writing for one of the rowdiest theatre troops in France. When he falls for one of the male dancers and learns he'll do anything to protect him, how will he know when...

  • Season's Greetings [Sherlock Fanfiction]
    51 3 1

    John returns one chilly evening to find something unsettling. Short Oneshot.

  • You're my new hobby
    583 42 2

    Sherlock Holmes is 16 years old. He's not exactly popular, but he's well known. People are always questioning who he really is, and when John Watson, captain of the rugby team, accidentally finds out, he's very surprised. I would like to add that I found the cover for this fic on Google, so all credit goes to whoever...

  • BalletLock
    1K 65 6

    Sherlock discovers his abilities and love for dance along with his love for other things.......

  • Dance Again
    1K 79 4

    Sherlock has given up on dancing. He can't bring himself to dance again after what happened. Dr. John Watson knows how broken and empty Sherlock is. But can he fix him? "I don't think I can." "But by God I'll try."

  • I Will Come Back Twice as Strong
    439 20 3

  • The Sound of Silence (Teenlock/Johnlock) [COMPLETED]
    3.8K 232 26

    Middle School is hard enough for normal kids. Homework, classes, teachers you don't like, bullies. But Sherlock Holmes is about as far from normal as you can get. He's brilliantly smart, smarter than most of the teachers at Culverton Middle School. He solves homicides faster than Scotland Yard can. He's been given the...

  • Coping
    7.4K 550 13

    Sherlock Holmes is learning to cope with recently going blind. He wants badly to attend Wilham's boarding school, and with a little help from his brother, Mycroft, he makes it. Nobody suspected what was going to come of being a roommate with the boy that he kept running into. Through their adventures and misadventures...

  • The Ballet Boy
    9.1K 614 24

    John Watson watches a boy dance every lunch. He is hypnotized by the graceful moves and the elegant twirls. All he knows about this beautiful dance is his name. Sherlock.

  • And All We Need of Hell
    4.1K 183 12

    Typical high school Teenlock fic where John is a BAMF and Sherlock is an alluring, intriguing, mysterious character with a haunted past. The more John tries to get close to Sherlock, however, the more Sherlock's past prevents him from letting John in. Still, John is patient and tries to help Sherlock work through it...

  • His Little Pill (JohnLock Fanfic)
    71 3 1

    CollegeAU: BBC Sherlock Sherlock Holmes recieves a reprieve from his thoughts of his tedious former roommate in the form of a scowling, limping blond boy. John Watson, fresh out of military service, (oddly enough) is just what the doctor ordered.

  • So It Begins
    1.1K 54 3

    John is just trying to get through his high school years and pursue his dreams. But then, one fateful day, he finds himself confronted by a strange, black-haired genius and the sparks fly.

  • Look at the Stars/Look How they Shine for You
    870 36 2

    Sherlock was smiling and I was giggling and the wind was blowing, and suddenly, three things happened at once. 1) A big gust of wind went blowing, causing me to stumble against Sherlock, 2) my pinky finger grazed across Sherlock's momentarily exposed wrist, and 3) everything changed. ••• A Soulmates Teenlock Johnlo...

  • Secrets untold, Lies unfold (Johnlock)
    8.4K 348 10

    Guys, it's a Johnlock. No Authnotes. All will be done by message. Trying to write a real book but as a fanficition so its all professional. I know! :D Have fun!

  • Cabin Mates - a teenlock story
    2K 73 4

    Sherlock and John attend a summer camp in the country side, what happens when they're put together to share a cabin for two weeks? Contains some smut and strong language..

  • The Boy in the Treehouse
    33.6K 2K 10

    Johnlock Teen!lock story In which Sherlock and John are a pair of naughty, flirty and funny teenage boys. A funny twist in the characters! WARNING: LOTS OF FLUFF!! (And maybe later smut if you're lucky!) And more FLUFF because fluff is amazing! The Plot: The Watson family needed to start a new life away from their ol...