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  • Sherlock One Shots
    26.4K 714 4

    Just some One-Shots for a competition I've entered myself in.

  • Ghost in This House (JohnLock AU)
    2.1K 187 13

    When John Watson's new flat turns out to be haunted, can he learn to live with the temperamental spirit that calls the flat his home? The continuation of my OneShot 'Ghost in This House'.

    Completed   Mature
  • Think about me - A Johnlock fanfiction
    12.9K 1K 7

    John sees that something is wrong with Sherlock. - Avoiding John - Ignoring texts - Decling incoming calls - Acting strange - New flat mate John wanted to find out the reasoning of this. And he got what he wanted, plus something he wanted since the day they met. - Johnlock ~~

  • New Territory : A Johnlock Story
    6.2K 324 20

    Ever since Mary's death both men have been heartbroken. After a week or so of John falling asleep over at Sherlock 's , John moves back into 221b Baker Street, along with his new bundle of joy , Mary Scoutt (or Scoutt, as they call her ) .

  • Bloody Desires [ON HOLD]
    2.4K 216 16

    Sherlock Holmes, the great consulting detective and John Watson, the retired army doctor have been working together for two long years, but John hadn't ever noticed the man's strange behavior. And then eventually, one case starts it all.. The whirlwind of secrets and mysteries begin to unfold from the depths of the d...

  • Tale As Old As Time (JohnLock)
    2.9K 294 17

    Sherlock is the smartest, most beautiful man in town. Everyone thinks he is strange, everyone except Moriarty. One day, after an accident, Sherlock finds himself in a magical castle with a bitter, confused beast, a talking candelabra, a grumpy mantle clock, and a sweet teapot. Life suddenly isn't so boring for the gen...

    Completed   Mature
  • Strange Coincidences: Johnlock AU
    20.4K 1.7K 20

    What if the perfect duo of Holmes and Watson had met differently? What if John had been hired by Mycroft to look after his little brother? What if... "Mr. Holmes," John exclaimed with astonishment written across his features. "You can't be serious." "This isn't complicated, I assure you. All that I'm requesting is for...

  • Through These Eyes
    1K 122 17

    A broken John Watson is asked to write a personal journal alongside a blog, keeping the journal focused more on what he is feeling rather than what he sees. When he starts noticing feelings bubbling to the surface, feelings that he was sure were sufficiently buried, he is forced to confront demons from his past. Can h...

  • Save me from myself
    10.5K 527 11

    WARNING COULD BE TRIGERING Sherlock gets to the point where he thinks there is only one way to take all of his pain away. John is oblivious to what Sherlock endured over those years and is still hurting from Sherlock's fake death, can they work it out before Sherlock goes over the edge or is it all ready to late...

  • Fix Me.
    21.2K 1.2K 8

    When Sherlock is left alone, without a case, and without John, he falls back to old habits, habits John is yet to find out about. Sherlock falls into a put of self loathing and John is the only one who can pull him out.

  • Through sickness and health
    51.6K 2.6K 8

    "oh god John I can't do this!" Sherlock exclaimed. He slammed his hands hard against the leather seat and pulled himself up. He spread his arms out, showing his full wingspan. "John fix me." Sherlock gets sick and John looks after him. Things get pretty cute. - co-written with my gal Jo :)

  • Old habits (Johnlock)
    19.1K 1.1K 12

    What is Sherlock without John. Sherlock is back to where he started. Back to old habits TRIGGER WARNING. THEMES OF SELF HARM AND SUICIDE

  • The Gay Is On (Johnlock)
    60.1K 2.9K 26

    When Sherlock and John finally admit their feelings for one another, will their relationship stand strong even after a horrifying attack? Contains minor smut ^_~

  • A Study of Lovers (Johnlock fanfic)
    34K 1.6K 21

    John couldn't shake the feeling that something is wrong with Sherlock as John was battling with himself on his reoccurring thoughts of the detective, which he constantly shook off and seemed to think it was nothing. He's been acting strange towards the army doctor. But once John starts using his own methods of deducti...

  • The Broken Boys (JohnLock AU)
    1.7K 160 9

    John Watson is seventeen and one year away from aging out of the foster care system after the murder/suicide of his parents three years prior. He gets placed with the rich Holmes family for the remainder of his time in the system. Sherlock Holmes is fifteen with a drug problem and severe emotional issues. What happe...

    Completed   Mature
  • Melting the Ice King (JohnLock AU)
    4.3K 268 10

    Sherlock Holmes is one of the top gay porn stars in the industry. He is known for being cold and uncaring, one of the most attractive young stars out there. John Watson is a popular new-comer to the porn industry, known by his persona; Captain Watson. When they get slotted to work together, sparks fly.

    Completed   Mature
  • Tiny Dancer (A TeenLock/BalletLock AU)
    4.2K 265 15

    A collection of cute, fluffy stories following the relationship of Ballet Dancer Sherlock Holmes and Rugby Captain John Watson The continuation of my Tiny Dancer OneShot!!!

  • The Bounties on His Head (JohnLock AU)
    674 55 7

    John Watson is a Bounty Hunter, tasked with finding the young Sherlock Holmes and returning him, alive, to New Scotland Yard. Sherlock Holmes is a young Consulting Detective, accused of murder and on the run from NSY and another, more terrifying party. Can John find Sherlock and return him to New Scotland Yard alive?

  • Sidewalk
    2.7K 208 12

    Sherlock and John meet when John moves in next door. The two quickly become friends, but when dreams become a reality, there is no such thing as happily ever after.

  • Finally [Johnlock]
    2.1K 185 40

    wise men say only fools rush in // but i can't help falling in love with you ••• [Five years after the end of Series 4] Life has moved on. Everyone has moved on. Except for two of London's most important people.

  • The Inevitable: Johnlock Fanfiction
    37.1K 2.2K 21

    The detective and his blogger start drifting away after the marriage of Dr. Watson. When an unfortunate accident happens, it brings them closer than ever. No matter how platonic Watson and Holmes think their relationship is in the beginning; no one can deny the unmistakable spark between them. A spark on the verge of...

  • All They Needed: A JohnLock High School AU |NaNoWriMo|
    27.5K 1.7K 56

    Love is as simple as this. It's pain, hardships and deceit... but it's beautiful. Sherlock Holmes and John Watson are the two boys who star in this story, who doesn't quite understand what love really is. Love isn't kind, it isn't selfless, it doesn't really care. But sometimes, it makes exceptions. Love is confusing...

  • The Freaks and The Felonious- Teenlock/Johnlock (BBC Sherlock Fanfiction)
    73.8K 3K 12

    (BBC Sherlock, AU) When an angry and dazed John Watson fills out a scholarship form for the prestigious and exclusive Baskerville High, situated in the middle of Dartmoor, he never expects to gain a place. Leaving his abusive father behind, he quickly finds himself being whisked into a new life alongside the mysteriou...

  • The Thrill of the Chase (Johnlock/Mystrade Teen!Lock)
    260K 13.3K 45

    'Rules are meant to be broken.' This story exercises that phrase. Are the boys willingly to defy everyone and everything for love? Will there be consequences? Read this and find out ;) . Mystrade Johnlock Teen!Lock

  • He's Just A Boy (a BBC Sherlock fanfiction)
    10.1K 431 39

    Sherlock and John adopt a kid, abut he's... Well, you'll find out. A/N I DO NOT OWN SHERLOCK AND DO NOT WISH TO COPY ANYTHING

  • The Devil Was Never Here
    7.9K 610 32

    Sherlock Holmes was born with a gift, a gift that not only alienated him from the rest of the human world but plunged him into the darkness alone. But it would seem that the very past that he was trying to run from had a way of catching up to him, reminding him of the things he's lost and the sins he had been tempted...

  • Nights When Boredom Strikes
    27.2K 1.1K 16

    Sherlock and John have been flat mates for a while at 221B Baker Street. They both have the same secret; they have fallen for the other. Neither would ever think about saying anything about it, in fear it would ruin whatever relationship they already have. Things just happen when you mix boredom and a bit too much to...

    Completed   Mature
  • Goodbye, Sherlock
    8.9K 782 30

    "This phonecall-it's,'s my note. It's what people do, don't they-leave a note?" "Leave a note when?" I could barely talk when I said: "Goodbye, Sherlock." "No. Don't. NO!" The characters in this story belong to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Based on BBC show, Sherlock.

  • Blending In (Johnlock)
    34.7K 1.6K 5

    Sherlock and John go on an undercover mission which forces them in to a situation where they can't deny their feelings any longer.

  • Nightmares and Revenge: A Johnlock Story
    97.9K 6.1K 43

    John and Sherlock are getting more and more confused about their feelings for each other, and those feelings are getting stronger... A sudden turn of events leads to them going on holiday to Tokyo. Anything could happen... (This story is strictly fluffy, so sorry to all the Johnlock smut lovers out there!) *insert qui...