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  • FireStarter - Ticci Toby x Reader
    24.8K 952 31

    This is my first creepypasta story so I hope you little Bolts enjoy ^^ ~~~ What would you do if a man came into your house and offered you a job as a killer? Would you go with him, fall in love with him, and sacrifice everything to keep him? Or would you knee him where the sun don't shine and call the cops? *May inclu...

  • Heartless Proxy (Hoodie x Reader)
    289K 9.7K 22

    You couldn't stop it. The evil that was taking over, you couldn't control it. You needed to kill. It was telling you to. You've done it before, so why do you stop the blade above this hooded man's chest? You stared into his glowing red eyes, for once since becoming a proxy, hesitating. "I'm not the one who wants t...

  • The New Killer In Town(creepypasta)
    2.9K 61 7

    What will happen when a powerful demon named Fullmoon Blade meets up with Jeff the Killer and the other creepypastas? Read to find out.

  • Lost in Madness (Creepypasta x reader) *ON HOLD*
    157 1 4

    You were the outcast of the school and you only had two friends. You got bullied a lot in school but that would soon end and you would finally get revenge, but you are seen by these mysterious creatures that lived as murderers in the forest.

  • Creepypasta Oneshots
    3.7K 49 3

    Welcome to my very first Oneshots book! In here you'll find Jeff the Killer, Eyeless Jack, Slenderman and more! Enjoy, this is not a lot of smut just enough, it will be reader and Creepypasta on Creepypasta

  • Creepypasta x reader we're not alone
    6.7K 154 15

    Y/n is a alone shy girl, two years ago her whole family was killed and now she all alone. This story is my first ever reader x so be bear with me..... And let's see what happerens to u.....well u be alone or love the creepypasta One day you were taken in by one of the creepypasta and thing get a bit loving in the hous...

  • Stutters & Mumbles; A HoodiexReader
    9.6K 394 17

    You are a 'normal' girl, with an extreme knowledge of Creepypasta. You keep you CP addiction a secret from your parents. You see things but you simply pass them off as your excruciating paranoia working images into your brain. You are quite shy, you speak to yourself sometimes and you believe whole-heartedly in Creepy...

  • Don't Look Back (Creepypasta x Reader)
    2.6K 78 10

    You are a 17 year old girl, who is also, if I may add, a killer. This is how your changed from bad to good, all thanks to a faceless man and his family.

  • Creepypasta x Reader [One shots] [ REQUESTS OPEN ]
    1.1K 24 7

    I take requests on any canon creepypasta x reader (no OCs). Just write your requests on the rules page and I'll try to write it as soon as I can ;) Try not to comment your requests on other chapters please, I might not be able to see it. I DO NOT OWN THESE BBIES, BUT THEY OWN YOU Art belongs to DaReckless from Devian...

  • F E A R S 。// creepypastas x reader
    61.9K 2.4K 15

    " I don't fear what others do.." (Y/N) (L/N), a girl who has believed that her father had left her as a child and that the world as we know it is falling apart. A secret was kept from her about her father and she has grown to hate him for 'leaving' her and her mother years ago.- But little does she know that her fathe...

  • Masky x Reader x Hoodie One~Shots
    2.9K 48 5

    This one of my one-shot for Quotev.This is a Masky and Hoodie one shot.But I'm going to make it so you can chose mask or hoodie.And for all of you people who can not decide you can pick both.Still in progress.And the main art is not mine.

  • Creepypasta Truth or dare with Reader
    12.5K 377 27

    Give us some dares and truth

  • My Insane Princess (Creepypasta X Reader)
    31.8K 756 14

    (Y/n) (l/n) is a famous killer. She is known as Insane. Her and her partners Insanity and Dark killed over 600 people. Slenderman thought it would be fine if they live with them while the boys think of a way to won Insanity and Insane's heart and the boys are trying to keep their cool so the three famous killers won't...

  • Lost Memories (Marble Hornets X reader)
    2.2K 105 4

    (y/n) was abused, hurt, but had a passion for all types of art. Her strong attitude and sarcastic comments limited her amount of friends, who she could barely even call friends. She suddenly ran across a video tape that contained strange content. From there, hell fire rises, but who will put it out? Characteristics: ...

  • creepypasta x reader ~ All For Love
    2.8K 35 15

    "Why did you do it." They asked, and she could only think of one reason. "All for love." I don't own you or the creepypastas, I will have some of my OC's in this, but since people read this to be with the creepypastas you won't date any of mine. This story contains violence, swearing, and sexuality, but not like full...

  • Creepypasta X wolf reader
    55.1K 1.4K 7

    Hello people!!! >~~~<

  • Neko Jeff The Killer X Werewolf Reader
    19.6K 566 22

    When y/n goes to school and meets a strange boy what does she think of him? What happens when she knows everything about him? Will she still wanna be with him? Rein in to learn more!!!!!

  • Slipping Away (Creepypasta X reader)
    296 19 8

    Broken. Abused. A nightmare of a life, that got worse, day by day. There was nothing to gain, and nothing to lose. Every drop of blood and pain never left the walls that were built to protect. Not even during sleep could the pain cease, as for every thought haunted every bad dream. When it became the worst of the wors...

  • CreepyPasta X Child Reader
    25.4K 463 22

    Just A Fanfic please read :3

  • Creepypasta x child reader
    29.1K 831 16

    Y/n is a only child, she knows near nothing of the real world except from what she's read in books. Her parents have an unnatural obsession over her, not allowing her to leave her home in which only really consisted for her of the attic and bathroom, refusing to let her elsewhere in fear of loosing her. One day it all...

  • Living with the Creepypastas
    20.7K 580 40

    ⚠️FUTURE SELF HERE! THIS STORY WAS MADE A YEAR AGO SO IT HAS SPELLING MISTAKES AND CRAP SO IF THERE ARE ERRORS IM VERY SORRY I CANT FIX IT CAUSE IM BUSY WITH OTHER STORIES⚠️ My name is Y/N. I killed my family. And found others that where nice, the Creepypastas. I live a happy life with them until, Zalgo. ____________...

  • Living with the CREEPYPASTA'S!?
    4.7K 69 45

    um...well I'm just hoping that no haters its just a story guys I just hope you like it but if I see you hate in my story oh... YOUR IN THE WRONG STORY BISH *puts on mask and gets chainsaw from air and starts it* YOU'LL MEET YOUR SWEET DREAMS F**KER!! *smiles insanely and goes back to normal self* so...where was I ? ...

  • Life Living With The Creepypastas
    203K 6.2K 153

  • Neko!Reader x Creepypastas
    16.5K 552 4

    You are a neko. Weird right? Anyways, when you were younger, your parents turned abusive after a couple times of going to the bar late at night. They HATED you, they wanted you dead. When you were younger, they knocked you out and put a syringe in you to try and kill you, but instead, it had chemicals in it that made...

  • Creepypasta x neko reader
    3K 50 6

    This includes JTK, EJ, LJ, the slender bothers, BEN, Toby, and then Make and Hoodie!

    884 47 8

    My group of friends escaped an insane asylum together. Then we formed ourselves after the creepy pasta. What will happen when we meet our saviors, though? Will earth be destroyed? Will we be torn apart due to my secret? Should I tell them?

  • Creepypasta x neko reader TWO
    20.3K 550 18

    When (y/n) goes missing on her birthday, no one knows where she went. The search seems to go on forever. Everyone misses her and feels guilty. It's their fault. They were pretending that they forgot her birthday so she would leave and they could prepare the surprise party. Where are you? With demons.