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  • cutter ;; kth
    60.5K 3.2K 15

    "let me tell you ten reasons why you shouldn't kill yourself." - lower case and profanities intended. contains sensitive material.

    Completed   Mature
  • heartbroken []
    74.3K 5.2K 11

    a heartbroken boy accidentally texts a stranger. © sweateraesthetics 2016

    15.8K 709 4

    ❝ would you look at that, we have matching bruises ❞

  • cross my heart, hope to die ♡ richie tozier
    60.4K 1.4K 23

    "promise you won't turn back?" "cross my heart and hope to die." in which richie tozier takes a certain liking to the new girl. ☻©billnyeyourmomsaguy uncompleted IT 2017 fanfiction richie tozier x oc all rights reserved

  • Jack and Finn Imagines// Anyone Preferences
    39.9K 611 19

    The title says it all. Open for request on different people. No names all the stories use Y/N. // Now just added preferences and they could be about ANYONE, enjoy!!!

  • finn wolfhard imagines
    41.3K 926 19

    what the title says ! Imagines of Finn and the many characters he plays :) i take requests ❤️

  • finn wolfhard imagines
    285K 6.8K 35

    just some moments with finn disclaimer: includes spoilers to both seasons of stranger things and IT. I would suggest reading if you're a fan of anything Finn is in.

  • Finn Wolfhard Imagines
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  • finn wolfhard imagines.
    60.1K 1.2K 34

    finn wolfhard imagines !!! please not i'm a shit writer, so please excuse any misspelled words, capitalization, and any cringe use of pet names :))

  • Mike wheeler + Reader
    58.3K 1.6K 36

    EDITING 'and the curious little girl yearned for something like that when she was older, just like them. '

  • On Set {{Finn Wolfhard x OC}}
    203K 4K 32

    Being Noah Schnapp's (fraternal) twin sister is odd. He's always in the spotlight, and you're unknown. But when you meet the kids in his cast, your entire life changes. RANKED 112 IN FANFICTION

  • fiction>reality [wyatt oleff]
    37.8K 688 10

    there is a fine line between fiction and reality ^ [lower case intended] [previously known as 'only in my dreams']

    Completed   Mature
  • wrong number | f.w √
    63.9K 1K 14

    you get a text from a random number, you don't think to much of it until something happens.

  • New. || Noah Schnapp
    142K 3.2K 41

    "Sure, life sucks, but I'm here." ❀ ❀ ❀ In which a 15-year-old actress meets another actor and sparks fly. Highest rank: #350 in fanfiction

  • Wheeler Squealer // f.w.
    145K 3.7K 29

    Finniethepoo: hey cheeseball, still up for movie night? TinkerBelle: I'd rather eat shit than see your face. Finniethepoo: that time of the month? TinkerBelle: yes... Finniethepoo: Unlock the door, I'll be over in 15 with Chinese, skittles, and romcoms. TinkerBelle: fiiiiiinn, this is why you're my bestest, best f...

  • Oneshots // Stranger Things cast // IT cast
    80K 1.1K 140

    Sorted by ship. (Kinda) Please leave suggestions.

  • elysian → jaeden lieberher/bill denbrough
    61.7K 1.7K 15 iˈliZHən,iˈlē-/ (adj.) beautiful or creative; divinely inspired; peaceful and perfect. (first jaeden lieberher story on wattpad)

  • room mates 2 - f.w
    45.9K 1.7K 22

    After finally finding a home in a whole new state, y/n has had a couple problems. ups and downs with her family, finn, and of course her roommates. it's been a rough couple months, but now that she had a daughter, will that change? «characters are 18+ NO SMUT»

    Completed   Mature
  • Heathers ; [F.W x Reader]
    9.2K 323 19

    "And then there's the Heathers. They float above it all" Started: 18.11.17 Ended: -