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  • Suki Kirai♥(Like/Dislike)(Rin x Len)
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    Rin is not sure if she likes her brother, Len as he does for her. During the time of decisions will she choose the right decision or not agree with her conscience. ----------------------------- Based on the song Suki Kirai Based on Twincest... don't like, don't read. Disclaimer: I do not own the Vocaloids

  • RinXLen (A Vocaloid Fanfic)
    5.1K 242 6

    Ok, This is not a story for people who don't ship Rin and Len It has been Announced by Crypton Futire Media That They Are Mirror Images, NOT SIBLINGS! This is just another normal RinXLen fanfic except that it kinda has a spin on it. Instead of them being a computer program, they are humans. And that Rin and Len are ju...

  • Is This Love? (Rin x Len Kagamine Love Story)
    32.1K 793 8

    Rin and Len are high school students. Rin has been bullied since 5th grade. When the bullies beat Rin up (she was also unconscious),Len came to her and carried her to the clinic, when Rin woke up, she thanked Len for helping her. Many days passed and they became best friends. They kept hanging out with each other. Man...

  • xD(Rin x Len)
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    Eh... Rin X Len for a friend xD

  • Free Hugs (Rin X Len)
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    After almost being late to school, it was not a good day for Rin Kagamine, but everything works out in the end, right?

  • The inncont crust turned into something more [LenxRin]
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    Rin has a crush on Len, one day Len 'over heard' Rin and Miku's conversation about Len, and now he knows. This is a Fluffy fanfiction~ <3 Len x Rin *this fanfic is based loosely off of personal experience, but for the most part... Fictional* one-shot