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  • With You
    6.4M 98K 64

    love story

  • Sana Akin Ka na Lang (released @ all NBS Book 2 of 2)
    11.7M 124K 79

    She is an ordinary girl who only want to find her one true love...mahirap ba yon? For Steph, it is. Kung ang hinahanap niya ay yung 10000 volts na kilig kagaya kung paano nai de describe sa mga nababasa niyang story sa novel at napapanood sa movies... An Edward to his Bella, a Romeo to his eternal and undying Juliet...

  • Wattpad and I
    27.8K 859 16

    The thought of mechanic_lady and her Wattpad Experience.

  • When Darkness Falls
    33.9K 564 3

    Luella believes in God. But she also believes that there is demon lurking out there in the dark. Waiting for human to commit sins or to acknowledge its presence so they can feed on them, on that fear. That knowing something dark will definitely results to fear and then will give birth to all negative feelings. But sh...

  • Forgotten Memories 3
    238K 5.8K 4

    This summer of 2015, the one hell of a love story of Gin and Alex will unfold once again. Forgotten Memories 1. Forgotten Memories 2. And now.. Forgotten Memories 3.

  • Forgotten Memories (Available in all PPC store)
    14.6M 59.6K 30

    "What's wrong with you?" Naningkit ang mga mata ni Alex. She wanted to shout at him, that everything is wrong! Pero naawa siya na makita ang halos paiyak na mukha ni Gin. She drew a deep breath. "Try to understand Gin, we are not going to work. You is you, one day you'll see what I am saying is all true." Eugeni...

  • Forgotten Memories 2 ( Published under LIB)
    32.7M 220K 82

    "I want you to share my bed within that three months," walang kakurap kurap nitong sabi. Kailangan ko na titigan siya ng matagal. O kurutin ang sarili ko para lamang i assure na tama ang pagkakarinig ko. Share his bed? Share his bed. Share his f**king bed! Unti unti kumakalat ang pamumula ng mukha ko. Its like a hot l...

    Completed   Mature
  • No Other Love (Self-Published in Softbound and Hardbound)
    18.8M 65.7K 24

    (sequel of Sana Akin Ka na Lang--Dee/Renz love story) Deanna Florence Saadvera is young, spoiled and rich. Being the only girl of Saadvera, she gets what she wants. She doesn't need to introduce herself to anyone. Just a mere look, everyone knows she is extraordinary. But when the legal attorney of his grandfather...

  • A Cinderella's Love (Available @
    97.8K 3.8K 8

    Jan never believed in love at first sight. Hindi rin siya naniniwala na may prince charming. Na ang lalaking magmamahal sa kanya ay mayaman. Guapo. At super brainy. Malabo yon. But when Janiella met the rich and the snob Leandro Joseph Zarragoza, she wanted to believe those fantasies. She wanted to believe there is l...

  • The Blind Casanova 2 ( Available @
    1.7M 78K 41

    When Mindy felt that she was in love with the blind casanova, Adam, all she wanted was to run away from him and forget her idiotic principle of helping him until he gets back his vision. If she could endure before his treatment to her, its because she was guilty and had to pay her debt for what she thought she did wr...

  • One Day, Someday....(published under PHR)
    7.9M 121K 81

    A love story between friends. Cliche? Yes, but Jeri loved him so bad that she can do anything and will do anything for her love. Unselfishly. Kahit siya na masaktan. Kahit siya na luhaan. Martir? Hardly. Nagmamahal lamang siya.