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  • You're mine forever (Yandere!Cross sans x reader)
    29.5K 616 34

    Y/n was always a kind person, but when she was walking home from school something knocked her out. im not gonna spoil much more but sorry if i write wrong -3- . Sorry if i dont update that much. plus I don't own cross sans and I don't own under verse but Jakie does and I don't own undertale either Toby fox does. I onl...

  • Aftertale Sans x Reader
    148K 4.1K 52

    This is for those who think aftertale sans is either hotvor adorable.

  • Hoping for a Nightmare 2: Nightmare!Sans X Reader (slow updates (probably))
    770 24 8

    A continuation of Hoping for a Nightmare. Please read the first story as to avoid confusion.

  • Hoping for a NIghtmare: Nightmare!Sans X Reader
    9.2K 282 22

    NO LEMONS! You are all alone in a world of chaos. The rest of your family was killed when the havoc started, and your friends either moved to safer places or died. The only reason you stayed is because you want to keep what little remains of their lives and stay as connected as possible. The only catch is, because you...

  • I'm only human { reader x AU sans }
    173K 5.2K 38

    When your life turns upside down and as you watch the only monster that you know leave you alone in the anti-void a bunch of new monsters appear. Should you trust these monsters? Hi everybody this is my first story I know most people won't read this but still! I can try. Y/n- your name L/n-last name H/c- hair colou...

  • Sans X Monster Reader
    55.2K 1.2K 26

    An Undertale fanfic between Sans and you, but there's a catch. You're not human, your a monster! This takes place after the pacifist ending (my own version of it). This is my first x Reader so I hope you enjoy.

  • Gaster Blaster Sans X Reader
    139K 5.3K 57

    The barrier has been broken for a few years now. Monsters and humans have been living in peace together . . . for the most part. There are rumors about a monster who can somehow change his appearance into a big, scary dragon like skeleton thing. His name is Sans, and as you find out, he's not really that scary, jus...