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  • Hetalia 1p Meets 2p
    90.4K 2.7K 14

    the countries in Hetalia meet and react to their 2ps. Rated T for violence, gore, fighting, swearing

  • Canada And America In The OHSHC
    18K 524 20

    This is a crossover of Hetalia and Ouran High School Host Club and obviously the title explains everything. There will be ships for Hetalia. So yay. I won't be doing ships for OHSHC cause it would be too much for me ;-; Enjoy anyway ^-^ Oh and it will/may consist of. . .2ps!!!!!!

  • Hetalia Meets Hogwarts: The Philosopher's Stone
    15.1K 586 18

    Alfred gets nosy and suddenly finds himself and Mattie turned into children and on their way to Hogwarts. Cue an adventure with the Golden Trio and the forming of the Golden Quintet? We'll figure something out.

  • Slytherin Twins and The Sorcerer's Stone
    5.9K 239 10

    APH England and APH 2pEngland are called to the magical world, by a special child. The child that had saved them 11 years earlier. Harry Potter was to start his 1st year at Hogwarts. For extra protection within the walls of Hogwarts Dumbledore contacted his country. He asked for him and his other half to join them at...

  • Hetalia meets the Host Club
    40.6K 1.3K 25

    So the hetalia gang were told by their bosses to observe high school students at their schools to see if their education is superior as "exchange students". The nations finally decide to go to one of Japan's finest school, Ouran High school. The nations soon encounter strange students who are apart of the Host Club? W...

  • World War Three
    10.6K 564 10

    A world meeting starts out rough, and ends up with all previous alliances being dropped. This leaves a heartbroken Italy alone and afraid, until someone unexpected comes in after him. The world crumbles, a new war breaking out. (I do not own hetalia or its characters)

  • Shotguns in Their Roses (Hetalia)
    27.2K 1K 8

    Mafia!Italy Brother Fanfiction Germany and Japan knew something was wrong with the Italy brothers, but they just couldn't put their fingers on it. Spain was confused about why Lovi suddenly treated his shotgun like it was the Holy Grail. France was worried about his Feli and his newfound fascination with knives. Ame...

  • Our Little Schwester
    5.8K 292 12

    Trash. Hetalia and it's characters belongs to Hidekaz Himiruya. Any songs or art/fanart included in this book do not belong to me unless I state that they are at the time of their posting or immediately after.

  • The Guide to the Protector (A HetaOni, 2ptalia and Female Reader Fanfiction)
    25.2K 1.3K 78

    [DISCONTINUED] --- "уσυя σηє αη∂ σηℓу נσв ιѕ тσ вє тнєιя gυι∂є αη∂ ησтнιηg єℓѕє." "уєѕ, мαѕтєя." --- All my life I've only been a guide. Stuck in this wretched Oni mansion for eternity watching people die right in my arms-Never able to save or protect them. I guess I didn't learn my lesson, because I've apparently mad...

  • PROPOSALS!!! Hetalia Guys x Reader
    87.3K 1.7K 16

    Ok, let's face the facts... there aren't nearly enough proposal fan fictions then there should be. SO I'M GOING TO FIX THAT PROBLEM RIGHT THIS INSTANT!! Requests taken.

  • Karaoke!!! Hetalia Guys x Reader
    41.1K 737 13

    You're at a karaoke party with your friends and all of the hot guys from hetalia. In this case, you can sing and choose which hottie you wanna duet with. CHOOSE WISELY!! You can request who you want in the comments. Just write down which guy you want, a description of how your relationship works (e.g. stable, stubbor...

  • || Doll || Hetalia x Doll! Reader [FINISHED]
    5.9K 206 12

    The Puppet Master creates dolls for those who need company. One day he made you as a cute doll. Telling you the secrets of your coming to this world. Your main mission was to stay with the person who chose you. But at the stroke of midnight you come alive. As a human you find that you have feelings for your Master.

  • All Eyes Where On Me | Hetalia X Insecure! Reader| The Selection AU |
    6.6K 225 9

    I'm the ugly sister. I'm the horrible daughter. I'm not even the second choice. I'm the "Left over" I'm not the clever one. I'm not the beautiful one. I'm the talentless one. I'm the "Why are you even here." But suddenly, All Eyes Where On Me.

  • Stereo Underground (Rebels! Hetalia X Reader)
    11.9K 487 4

    "Good eeeevniing, World! This is your favorite hamburger eating DJ, Alfred F. Jones bringing you the best news and music from the underground! It seems we have a new streamer online~" (Y/n) was a regular girl in a strange world. Since the end of WWW III in 2065, all the countries acted together to enforce strict and c...

  • Camo Girl (Gauken Hetalia x Reader)
    3.6K 92 9

    Miss (y/n) Silver -A.K.A Quickfire Silver- was the youngest ever Army Captain. After being shot, she is sent back to highschool and continue her life as a 'normal' teenaged girl. Hetalia High. The high school she once studied at before running away and joining the Army. Nothings changed. Everyone's still the people sh...

  • Unexpected Souvenir
    42.1K 1.6K 23

    A collection of oneshots about different Hetalia mochi and their encounters with human girls that capture their interest, and perhaps their heart. Mochi!Various x Reader

  • Romano x Depressed! Suicidal! Reader- The Luckiest Man (EDITED)
    9K 295 1

    You and Lovino (Romano) have been best friends for a long time and you haven't had any problems in your friendship.... Well, except that you have a crush on Lovino, but he already has a girlfriend who gets on your nerves. What will happen to, you, Reader-Chan?

  • Italy Brothers x Sister! reader (DISCONTINUED)
    6.4K 229 28

    Yes, my second book. And the story is about siblings. Sometimes, misunderstandings. This book is about siblings, love, care, and misunderstandings. Well I just created this for random cuz it's always in my mind. So please Enjoy, Vote, Comment and Share. And also add to your library. Thank you~

  • Japan x Suicidal!Reader x Canada
    22.6K 772 7

    You've had enough of life and so you're finally going to put it into an end for once but.....

  • Italy Brothers x Sister! Reader
    4.9K 94 9

    Yes. I did my promise. So here it is. =w= This book is about siblings, love, care, and misunderstandings. Well I just created this for random cuz it's always in my mind. So please Enjoy, Vote, Comment and Share. And also add to your library. Thank you~

  • The World in a Host Club (Hetalia xOuran +Reader)
    13.2K 373 11

    (Y/N) and Ale decided to have fun for a bit away from the meetings to go to the delight known as Ouran Academy. Their first day,unfortunately,was not going as plan,now they are in the hands of the Ouran Host Club. Will a certain halfer remember them?Can they enjoy their time away from the other childish countries? Can...

  • That one Mediterranean country (Hetalia x Reader)
    32.3K 1.2K 29

    What if your life changed within a few hours? What if you learn what it's like to lose? What if everything you ever did lead to this point of your life? You are the country of (c/n), a former Spanish colony located in the Mediterranean Sea. After gaining your independence, your country seems to be doing great, your ec...

  • What Is Love? (Canada X Country!Reader) (Complete)
    30.7K 1.5K 32

    What is Love? A question asked by 2 souls who felt it. At first they here unsure of the feeling, It was very foreign and this feeling just didn't fit in with the others. He loved her, And she loved him. Even though that fact was settled, They still can't somewhat tell each other. 3 simple words. "I Love you." Now wh...

  • Treasure (Pirate!Hetalia x Reader)
    21.6K 766 7

    Arthur Kirkland, Antonio Fernandez Carriedo, Francis Bonnefoy- just a few of the most fearsome pirates to ever roam the seas. Of course, there was (name) too. A feisty, smart pirate captain. But what happens when she runs into some old... 'friends'. Will they forget their grudge against the female pirate, or will hatr...

  • iNSaNiTY (Yandere!Italy x Reader)
    38.8K 1.1K 6

    You've just moved away from your hometown and into a large city with an equally large highschool. What happens when you meet an adorable and sweet guy, just to find out, he's not as adorable and sweet as he seems? COMPLETED!

  • Nekotalia X Reader~Came Here As Cats~
    12.4K 220 6

    Here the nations are at another world meeting, and yet again it's another failed one. But what happens when things go to far with America and England? Well they end up as cats in another dimension....YOUR dimension.

  • Hetalia x Country!Reader
    1.3K 41 1

    The Mariana Trench: The deepest part of the ocean, closest area to Earth's core. It has been explored, yes? Well, what hasn't been explored is an underwater island. No human has dared to explore it with its creatures circling it. It's like they're in a trance. Giant sharks and various fish swim around the island, pr...

  • Changing: Hetalia
    21.5K 980 10

    Because of the time travel occuring to Vongola Decimo, it affects Italy. Both South and North. Days passed by, Italy becomes more.. dangerous. His personality slowly become twisted, no longer himself. Unlike Romano, who could maintain himself from falling into insanity, Veneziano couldn't. Slowly, Italy becomes a coun...

  • American Mystery (Hetalia Fanfiction)
    24.1K 940 6

    The country America has never had a representative. That is something that is well known. What is not well known is the identity of the blue eyed and wheat colored hair of the teenage boy that crashed into a world meeting. And said teenage boy intends to keep it that way... through any means necessary. Preview: Sudde...

  • The Prank [Hiatus]
    50.3K 2.6K 19

    Honestly, this is cringe. Read it at your own risk. It sounded better in my head when I first created it. --- Basically, America tells the nations about April Fools Day and Italy is the victim... But it wasn't... It wasn't harmless.