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  • Ray of Hope | J.HS ✔
    85.3K 5.1K 48

    She's a mute. Living her life in pure misery. He's the talker. Energetic and caring. Her world is cold and scary. While his world is warm and comforting. She won't let him into hers. But he won't let her stay out of his. So what happens when the two worlds collide? 3/12/18「Highest in 방탄소년단 : #5...

    Completed   Mature
  • Nerd in Disguise: Blood Bound
    12.6M 410K 42

    The name is Shay Ricca. I really hate high school. I'm not a nerd by the way. I'm only dressed like one for my safety. I wouldn't be acting so weak and timid just for any reason. These guys are lucky I'm laying low or else they'd be crying back to their mommas. Do you know what I hate more? When some guy comes and rui...