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  • You And Me // Park Jimin [DISCONTINUED]
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    A 21 year old girl named "Jennie Kim" is the most popular girl in school we she arrived at the new school. She then meet "Park Jimin" who is also a popular guy in school... But the thing Park Jimin didn't realize was that he fell in love with "Jennie Kim" when he saw her... He's also and international playboy. On the...

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    yep mga pakilig to eh

  • Captivated by her, Demonica.
    807 134 13

    Just because of his mission, he met her. The one that will make him feel so beloved. And also the one will make him feel so broken for some reason. "Demonica's smile is the best medicine, but when she laugh, puta heaven!" Broke series 1: Captivated by her, Demonica.