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  • My thug husband (Sequel to my thug parents)
    14.9K 521 20


  • The Thug In Me
    65.9K 2K 24

    Bricelyn a girl with thugs all in her family she meet DeAndre become close then something changes it

  • Im The Thug In Me(sequeal to The Thug in me)
    48.7K 1.8K 30

    Sequel from:The Thug in me: After all these years Bricelyn has face the fact that DeAndre isnt no good for her or her child. She became the dominate queen of the sreets that everyone fear.

  • My Thug Parents
    41.7K 1.3K 27

    I'm not good at descriptions but I promise it's gonna be good **Sequel in progress, go add it (My thug husband sequel to my thug parents)**

    Completed   Mature
  • King
    80.5K 4.1K 36

    The continuation of The material girl and the playing the game series. King's story. Twenty two year old King is finally drafted into the NFL, with the most beautiful girl, Leah by his side. Still mourning the death of his sister, Gem, King tries to leave the past behind him until he meets an old friend which only st...

  • Material Girl 5
    213K 10.1K 45

    Nicole and Keenon have left the past behind them. Focusing on their kids, Gem and King. With Nicole's modeling career comes traveling meaning she's rarely home. After one night of helping Lj on the job, Keenon starts to miss his old job. He slowly starts making his way back into the game with Lj and Chris. Which will...

  • Material Girl 4
    288K 12.4K 49

  • Material Girl 3
    351K 15.6K 49

  • Material Girl 2
    250K 11.2K 27

    If you haven't read the first book then you're going to be lost.

  • Material Girl
    371K 16.6K 30

    Nicole Jennings, seventeen and she has it all. Designer clothes, expensive cars and the biggest house in the city. Can't nobody tell her nothing or can they? Keenon Jackson, not so rich but very handsome and very talented. When he meets Nicole, he thinks she's the most beautiful girl in the world but her attitude says...

  • Playing The Game 2
    109K 5.4K 43

    Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Gem and King tries to move forward from the events that has happened last year but once old drama starts to resurface, they're forced to take matters into their own hands.

  • Playing The Game
    119K 5.5K 33

    King Jackson and Gem Jackson may not always see eye to eye with things but when it comes down to it, they will always have each others back. Gem gets into some trouble that will only put her family in danger and the only way out is to work for the devil.

  • Bonnie & Clyde 4
    86.4K 4.6K 38


  • Bonnie & Clyde 3: The Carters
    100K 4.8K 34


  • Bonnie & Clyde 2: Dirty Little Secrets
    114K 5.7K 33

    It's been a year since Aria and Elijah made their relationship official and a year since they've moved into their new house. Once Eli and Aria takes on a new job, Aria starts to find out hidden secrets. Secrets that her mother kept from her. She feels as if Asia knows something but since Asia won't talk, Aria has to d...

  • The Bodyguard
    3.2M 120K 39

    After the unexpected death of her uncle, 21-year-old, Ivy Burgos' father assigns her a bodyguard. She is spoiled, temperamental, and pissed off. But, her father leaves her with no choice. The last thing Kellen Sanders wants to do is watch over a boujie, spoiled brat. But, after his boss takes him off the streets, and...

  • The Bodyguard 2: Test of Our Love
    1.2M 50.9K 34

    This is the sequel to The Bodyguard. You MUST read that book first. I repeat YOU MUST READ THE BODYGUARD FIRST. It's six months later and Ivy and Kellen have started a new life in Sacramento, California. Things seem to be going perfect between the two, but things are not always as they appear. Will their love for e...

  • Married In Uptown Manhattan. (Book Three)
    3.1M 152K 36

    Last Book of the Uptown Blues Series. From finding each other, to figuring each other out, Dayci and August have been through it all. Now married and expecting a baby, will things go as planned for the happy couple?

  • Manhattan Nights. (Book Two)
    7.8M 286K 61

    Sequel to Uptown Blues. With Jalen gone and Helena in jail, will Dayci and August finally have that happy ending?

    Completed   Mature
  • Uptown Blues. (Book One) [Editing]
    10.7M 353K 63

    The selfless and the grateful.

    Completed   Mature
  • Dynamic Duo: Part 8
    110K 4.7K 32

    Nevaeh And Naomii Are Back And They Are Twice As Crazy. Since Their Older Lovers Packed Up And Left, The Twins Are Moving On To Bigger And Better Opportunities...Little Do They Know....Their Older Lovers Are Coming Back For Them! If You Haven't Read Books 1-7...You Should Go Read Them Or You'll Be Confused. 1. Forbidd...

  • Double Trouble: Part 7
    139K 6.9K 43

    The Forbidden Love Series Continues With The Hepatogly Book That Is In Kaidence And Marvin's Twin Girls Nevaeh And Naomii's POV. You Think Bianca And Kaidence Are Crazy? Well I Think These Twin Girls Have Their Mother And Grandmother Beat By A Mile! Read To Find Out Why They Call These Twins The "Problem Twins."

  • A Family Hustle: Part 6
    157K 7.5K 43

    The Octalogy Continues With Marvin And Kaidence Going Through Marriage, Parenting, And Of Course Drama. And Kaiden Has His POV While He Undergoes His Teenage Life. *EDITED 1/24/16*

  • New Beginnings: Part 5
    152K 6.8K 37

    Part 5 Of The Octalogy With Kaidence And Marvin As A Married Couple *EDITED* 1/23/16

  • Young Love: Part 4
    93.7K 4.2K 23

    Part 4 Is In Kaidence And Preston's P.O.V. Will They Finally Be Together Again, Or Will Someone Else Come In Between Them? *EDITED 1/17/16*

    Completed   Mature
  • Full House: Part 3
    118K 5.2K 26

    12 Years Later....... Part 3 Starts Off With Kaidence Smith. You All Might Remember Her As The Cute 3 Year Old Daughter Of Bianca And Roman, But Now She's A 16 Year Old Teenager. *EDITED 1/16/16*

  • Together Forever: Part 2
    178K 8.3K 34

    Part 2 Of The Octalogy Continuing With Bianca And Roman. Find Out If Bianca And Roman Can Make Their Marriage Work Through All The Difficult Obstacles That They Are Faced With. *RECENTLY EDITED* 1/6/16

  • Forbidden Love: Part 1
    180K 7.6K 22

    Part One Of An Octalogy....Starting With Bianca King And Roman Smith! Bianca's Life Wasn't Perfect, But She Thought She Found The Perfect Guy...Problem Is...He's A Married Man. *RECENTLY EDITED*

  • That Thug Of Mine {Trilogy}
    74.3K 2.4K 27

    ~Third book of the series~ Instead Of Keith And Armani , Its Kaiden Well Excuse That "Prince" That's Right Kaiden Took Control Of Keith's Empire While Olivia Is A Dancer In Dancing Demons Who Cares About Grades But She Is The Most Realest Girl In Highschool What Happens When NEW Drug Lords Come To Business , Who Will...

  • Thug love 2
    16.5K 442 20

    STOPP , go read Thug love first before you read this !!!