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  • Castle On The Hill // SDMN
    4.5K 386 10

    One friend left to sell clothes One lives down by the coast One has two kids but lives alone One's brother overdosed One's already on his second wife One's just barely getting by But these people made me And I can't wait to go home.

  • Adopted By The Pack
    3.7K 54 21

    Kitten was a normal 14 year old girl in the orphanage. All the other girls were girly girls. But Kitten, she liked Minecraft and was more of a tomboy. What happens when she gets adopted by her idols? A big thanks to @Lilsis365 for inspiring me on making this book!

  • The Ordinary High School (SidePack FF) *COMPLETED*
    114K 3.2K 43

    High School... The typical students: Jocks, Players, Nerds, Loners, the list goes on and on... You will have enemies and friends along the way... On one day things change... A new girl wants this school year to be the best. She wants everybody to be friends, no enemies. Well.. Maybe some... She will help the nerds...