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  • masked
    370K 11.3K 39

    simon minter, the baddest boy in school. with his brooding, classically handsome face and signature smirk- every girl wants to be with him and every boy wants to be him. willow was sweet, innocent and she stood for what was right. never in a thousand years would she fall for the reckless type. she was everything he w...

  • Adopted By The Pack
    5.3K 81 21

    Kitten was a normal 14 year old girl in the orphanage. All the other girls were girly girls. But Kitten, she liked Minecraft and was more of a tomboy. What happens when she gets adopted by her idols? A big thanks to @Lilsis365 for inspiring me on making this book!

  • The Ordinary High School (SidePack FF) *COMPLETED*
    125K 3.5K 43

    High School... The typical students: Jocks, Players, Nerds, Loners, the list goes on and on... You will have enemies and friends along the way... On one day things change... A new girl wants this school year to be the best. She wants everybody to be friends, no enemies. Well.. Maybe some... She will help the nerds...