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  • For the Future, I Wish to Change the Past
    198K 9.5K 46

    The remains of the Fourth Shinobi War are three people. Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura. They are the only ones left. With his last strength, Naruto uses a Forbidden Technique he learnt when he was very young and sends them to the time when Team Minato was still alive. What happens next? Will they mange to save their frien...

  • Let's watch the future
    26K 618 9

    Minato as well as Kushina Uzumaki and two of the legendary sannin with mikoto and fugato Uchiha and Kakashi, Obito, and Rin watch the life of a certain blonde idiot Naruto Uzumaki

  • Team 7~Welcome Home!
    21.4K 760 6

    After the Fourth Great Ninja War, the reunited Team 7 returns home. But when they returned, it became just as Naruto and Sakura feared would happen.

  • Be mine.
    26.8K 1K 7

    Naruto banished from the village after bringing Sasuke back to the village. Before his banishment, Naruto is treated like crap by his 'friends'. Treated like a punching bag, tool, an object. Please read to find out what happens next and I don't own Naruto if I did Naruto would marrying either Itachi or Sasuke, not Hi...

  • Change of Fate
    65.5K 2.6K 9

    The Sasuke Retrieval mission was a success and everyone went back to being happy and acting like nothing happened. Well...not exactly. Sasuke is let out of punishment scotch free and was worshiped like a god, while Naruto was treated like dirt and ended up being ignored. When everything seemed to have settled down...

  • Storm of Purity
    76.4K 3.3K 12

    After a rather nasty beating, resulting in losing his right arm, Hiruzen employs the help of his son to get Naruto out of the village. Where Asuma decided to take him, was quite simple. The Fire Temple, of course! For the next seven years, Naruto trained under the tutelage of Chiriku. How will Konoha react to the whit...

  • Rise Of The Uzumaki Jinchuriki
    17.4K 674 4

    Naruto knew the kyuubi at a very young age, but what if hurizen told them to leave the village to train? What is Naruto is more Uzumaki like? Read to find out!!

  • Naruto and the demons eyes (Naruto fanfic)
    28.8K 916 15

    what would have happened if Naruto awoken a ferry deadly and feared ocular jutsu that has the power to destroy the world if used in the wrong hands. ~~~~~~~ this is my second story I hop you will like it

  • Naruto of the Sand ( editing in progress )
    134K 5.2K 23

    What if Naruto's parents never die but instead the lord third did in they're place?? What if they neglect Naruto for his two younger siblings that had the Nine tail charka while Naruto had it soul or so you think ??? What happens if Gaara finds Naruto in a alleyway being beaten by the villagers?? How will Naruto lif...

  • Into the Wind (a Naruto fanfic)
    51.2K 1.3K 11

    More elaborate description inside What happens to the village when Naruto suddenly vanishes without a trace during a dangerous mission?

  • Fox's Revival [HIATUS/ON PAUSE]
    64.8K 2.7K 14

    Naruto, as a young child has only one friend. When said friend asks what Naruto wishes for the most, Naruto asks for his father. AU. Rated K+

  • kyuubi love (a naruto fanfic)
    9.2K 305 10

    Kuyuubi and Naruto have known each other since Naruto was 5. And they're best friends, but is it more than that? Will Kuyuubi's jealousy get the better of him? What will happen to their friendship when Naruto thinks he's in love? What will happen when the akatsuki knows about his parents? (P.S. Naruto joins ANBU at a...

  • Cursive Letters (Gaara X Naruto)
    5.5K 248 9

    Two boys find themselves alone in the night, unaware of each other. Both struggling with the demons that live within. Perhaps fate will have it that they shall meet.

  • Naruto and Gaara Raised as Brothers
    153 3 2

    In this story Naruto's parents sent him away with Kushina's older brother. The uncle already is raising his baby sister's son named Gaara. Gaara and Naruto both have tailed beast. And are raised together as brothers. Will Naruto and Gaara end up insane? Or will Naruto and Gaara end up happy-go-lucky? Read to find out...

  • Brother My Brother
    379 14 7

    They lived alone in hatred. But now the past is coming to life and one question must be asked, are Naruto and Gaara brothers? And how will Gaara take the news on the nine tails.

  • The Real Me (Naruto Fanfiction) {Rewritten}
    238K 8.7K 38

    Naruto Uzumaki: loudmouth, prankster, idiot, and dead last. Naruto Uzumaki-Namikaze: quiet, serious, smart, and a prodigy.

    Completed   Mature
  • Fox Child
    75.5K 3.4K 18

    Sasuke is the most wanted ninja ,but when he finds a small blonde boy beat up ,and dying ,he takes pity on the child and save the child nursing him back to health but what Sasuke doesn't know is that the young kid he found was Naruto! But how did Naruto go back to being a toddler? Why did he go to Sasuke for help? An...

  • The Son of the Sannin
    73.5K 2.9K 15

    What would the world be like if Naruto was adopted by the Sannin? What would life be like if the blond hero was taught, raised, and loved by all three legendary shinobi? Whose lives would be better and whose lives would be different?

  • Not Neglected by Family At least(Naruto Neglect Fic)
    39.2K 1.4K 16

    In this world Minato and Kushina survived! They treat Naruto right but the villagers...not so much. But what does he do to change their minds? That is for you to read and me to type.

  • Who Knew the Past Could Tell A Lot About One's Future [Discontinued]
    41.8K 1.5K 13

    [Sequel to Who Knew My Future Would Be Out of the Darkness?] Sarada went back in time and met her father. She learned that despite him not being there, he did in fact care about her and her mother. However, Boruto despises his father, Naruto, because he is never able to spend time with him. Even though his father is t...

  • Lifetime Memories
    28.2K 717 12

    Boruto and Sarada go into the past meeting their parents, and their friend's parents in the past with Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura. See what happens to Boruto and Sarada on the adventure.

  • Son Of Luck (Naruto x Percy Jackson crossover)
    1.8K 55 3

    The Battle of Manhattan looms in the distance and with the camp's hero, Percy Jackson off in the mortal world, camp morale is low. But in comes a new golden boy. Naruto Namikaze is brought into the world of demigods by a freak accident and discovers he is more than he seems. A new hero has hit the scene and is reeking...

  • Flash Forward: Naruto Edition
    121K 3.6K 11

    A day after the teams are selected, Naruto and his fellow graduates are summoned by the Third Hokage. Reaching there, they meet new faces which will prove to be helpful in the time to come. But why are they all here? Read as bonds are formed and secrets are revealed as they watch the future in Flash Forward: Naruto...

  • Look Underneath The Underneath
    44.4K 1.6K 22

    Discontinued -Currently up for adoption- Naruto is just the annoying knucklehead ninja, right? Slowly, Naruto's mask begins to fade piece by piece. Soon everyone finds out he's not what he seemed to be. Will things change for the better, or the worse? Highest ranking: #113 in random

  • naruto and the kyuubi (naruto neglect story)
    17.2K 456 2

    what if minato and kushina is alive? what if naruto has a twin sister? what if their parents ignore naruto? will naruto be stronger? P.s i dont own naruto:)

  • Black Hell | Naruto FanFiction
    109K 4.1K 18

    Growing up hated and tortured by everyone in Konoha, Naruto met the Kyuubi once he blacked out from another beating. The two decided to leave Konoha for now, so Naruto could train. What happens when he will come back?

  • Kumo's Surgeon of Death
    169K 3.9K 15

    Naruto neglected and disowned by his family, runs from the village that brought him so much pain. He finds a cursed sword and 2 bloodlines that will help him in his quest to become the greatest ninja and an even better doctor. I do not own Naruto or One Piece. They are property of Kishimoto-sama and Oda-sama.

  • Naruto Fanfic I Guess (hmm... maybe I can try)
    14.7K 562 21

    ... Its not like the description would be interesting so why should I make more work for myself and make one... Ok im making one now... basically: Naruto or Naru is mute thanks to one of his everyday torturers. He lost his voice at the age three and met Kura or Kurama, the nine-tailed fox. When Sandaime went to check...

  • What More Do You Want?
    14.6K 677 4

    Naruto has had enough. All he wants is to leave, to be as far away from the place his nightmares came to life. He wants to live freely, not chained down to a village who look at him with nothing but disgust.

  • The Neglected Genius In Hiding-A Naruto Fanfiction
    11.4K 380 4

    Naruto is a genius. He knows a lot for a 5 year old. The only ones that know are the three legendary sannin. ( Orochimaru never became a bad guy. ) Naruto is a shy little boy in his henge. But in his real form he is more confident. He became summoner at age 6. Why? He is smarter than a normal Nara. He can answer any...