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  • Aether
    1.1K 127 26

    Faerieland fills the space between worlds. Navigate its towering forests and depthless oceans, and you can find your way to literally anywhere. The only problem is, it is filled with beautiful, magical creatures that want you dead. On a safe little planet called Earth, seventeen Winston Privet dreams of another life...

  • The Atheist Agenda
    379 89 12

    In the medium-sized town of Trinity, Missouri, Christianity rules and dissenters face social death. As you can imagine, Caleb Caron, an atheist with a foul vocabulary, is Trinity High School's pariah and his best friend, Nova Beauchêne, is a heretic by association. When Ren Nishiyama, the shy kid who never talks, move...

  • El Conquistador
    22 7 1

    As his thin boots sloshed through the cocoon of tropic and his mud-slick face burned in the heat, Juán's chest twisted in realization. He was a conquistador. Just like the man whose blood churned within him. ... When an unforeseen betrayal lands Juan Gascón serving under Hernán Cortés during the conquest of México, th...

  • Goliath Fallen
    1.4K 305 51

    Sweeping humanity's last hopes of survival, a vicious enemy ambushes the Atlas Mission on its 150th year after leaving a deceased Earth in search of a new home. Nate and his daughter, Izzy, find themselves two of the few survivors of the slaughter and they must now fight for their lives aboard the wreckage of the gene...

  • Somewhere In-Between
    12 3 1

    A tale of multi-generational caregiving.

  • This Was a Home Once
    137 31 1

    once upon a time two people fell in love they thought it was happily ever after but it wasn't ***** Short story for the Valentine's Day 2020 contest - First Heartbreak theme. 1400 words. Cover image from Canva and banner image by Sugar Bee via Unsplash Copyright ©️ 2020 by CC Starfield.

  • Dry Spell
    3.4K 396 10

    "You have a tail," I say, because I'm intelligent. "You have a tail." "I can explain-" Alyssa starts. "It's green." * * * * * Elliot Morena and her best friend, Duncan, have had their eyes on the new girl in Hulhazy Front -- the swe...

  • Nautical Tales of Magic
    237 23 4

    There is rumor of a man who can bend the seas to his will with a passing thought. That this man stands at the bow of a ship larger than a palace, so deadly in passing only the ghosts of men can recall the size of its crew. They say he is dressed in velvet black, with gold garnishing the material in such intricate patt...

  • SPOOK!
    242 16 5

    Six missing kids, five nosy sleuths, one haunted town. You do the math. __________________________________________ June Parks lives her life confined between the picture perfect suburbs and schools of her town, and she'd give anything for a change of pace. But she didn't want it like this. After a party gone wrong an...

  • Latte with a Shot of Poltergeist
    23 5 1

    "I don't know how I manage to get myself into these situations. You'd think that being a fae meant I'd be used to weird things happening around me. But this is definitely the first time I've ever had to deal with a poltergeist in a coffee shop. " Jasmine aka Jaz is at it again. As a night fae, she thought dealing with...

  • Coffee Chaos
    84 16 1

    "Everyone has a Murphy's law day, but it usually doesn't result in a chai latte blowing up in your face or chasing down a magic-stealing fae. I knew I shouldn't have taken Marvin's shift..." Join Jasmine aka Jaz as she takes on an extra work shift, moody teenagers, oh...and a magic-stealing fae. Just your average day...

  • Gossamer
    95 29 1

    Fairies born without wings are said to be cursed, but Elpis refuses to accept that fate. You can read the sequel "Tears of Avalon" here:

  • The Curious Adventure
    149 39 8

    Ellowyn and her stepfather, Dr. Edward Von Heikenroter, put the island of Fairburg on the map. Their little shop on Main Street specializing the creation, and maintenance, of fully functional mechanical limbs, restored the livelihood of war veterans and factory accident survivors alike. But when Everett Greene, owner...

  • We'd Make Great Wolves
    28 4 4

    The wild knows no benevolence. In the chase, you're either the predator or the prey. There's not that much in between. Svensa's known that life for a very long time, as a solitary hunter. But with a little girl to think about now, the world has become ripe with creatures striving to make prey of them both. Yet her Lor...

  • Sky-Water
    1.1K 116 11

    Off the West coast of Africa, at the bottom of the Atlantic trench forest, where damselfly dragons chase after beetles, and bioluminescent plants are harvested for sale, Nuru Ndangi is busy collecting rich soil in a jar--excited to offer it as a gift to his best friend. Tomorrow he will make the trek from his villag...

  • Revolting Relations
    725 63 13

    When summoned to retake his throne to mend the frayed relations of his homeland, Vrye finds himself undone by his weakness for relations of a more scintillating nature. Ensnared by the exquisite nose of an Alchemist, he elopes on the back of a unicorn and puts the political balance in even greater peril. But his guilt...

  • The Immortal Amberly Kooks
    151 20 4

    Amberly Kooks made a deal with the devil. She is immortal, but she has to experience death. All the time. It's getting a bit much. She decides to find the devil and give him a piece of her mind. However, she quickly learns that there's a lot more going on. Demons. Powerful orbs. Long dormant forces are waking up, and...

  • Leather Feather
    1K 232 4

    What happens when a young bat falls in the middle of an intergalactic war between birds and rodents? Not even Pat himself can determine such fate. Good and evil. Bucks and Beaks. Fur and Feather? Those are the symbols of a conflict that spanned our eternal universe. But only one faction will prevail...