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  • Renesmee And Jacob's LOVE STORY
    54.1K 1.6K 28

    Nessie falls in love with Jacob. But can she handle it? Will she feel that things will change and that she will never have her best friend/Brother with her anymore? Then there's a problem in the story that leaves you frozen. Care to find out what the problem is? READ VOTE COMMENT AND YOU WILL KNOW.

    Completed   Mature
  • Renesmee & Jacob;
    47.1K 1K 21

  • Renesmee and Jacob's Love Story
    365K 6K 28

    Renesmee finds out Jacob imprinted on her and things change rapidly. Jacob is forced to move out of Forks and doesnt know what to do. What will Renesmee, the Cullen's and the pack do? Will Jacob stay anways or move away from his true love. Read and find out.

  • Renesmee & Jacob - Gravity
    188K 3.9K 60

    Renesmee & Jacobs story! — Yeah I know there are A lot of Renesmee & Jacob Stories, but they're all different So please enjoy this story of them :)

  • After Breaking Dawn
    60.1K 1.1K 39

    Interpretation for after Breaking Dawn. Focused on Renesmee and Jacob. :)

  • Rising moon ~a jacob and renesmee Fanfiction~
    271K 5.2K 24

    The Voultri has just left and Bella and Edward are together in peace but what about about their daughter and Jacob ? This is my Fan fiction how their love story will start :)Hope you all like it :D

  • New Dawn // Twilight
    97K 2.2K 35

    **COMPLETE but needs major editing** The after life of twilight! After the Voltori left and everything was peaceful is when it all struck...Renesmee was getting older and Jacob was getting deeper feelings for her. Bella almost left Edward. Bella almost died and A LOT more. Read to find out how it all plays out. Credi...

  • The Twilight Saga Sunrise (Watty Awards 2011)
    66.3K 625 13

    Renesmee wants to live a normal life with Jacob at her side & only Jacob at her side. No life of werewolf & vampires again, to run away with him from both their lives & families, but will something happen that endangers both their dreams of that happening? Will they ever life their own lives in peace? Watty Awards 201...