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  • Cosmo girl
    33 3 3

    A TMNT x DJ-AC Lux fan fiction told by the POV of Raphael

  • Pearls Unusual Fanart!
    224 15 4

    I don't know, I just feel like I should throw out this stuff...

  • Angel's Journal
    545 13 6

    so charlie thinks it's a good idea to "write down your feelings" it's honestly stupid but imma do it to "release any built up tension" does she not know I blow strangers to release tension? ;)

  • My OCs / roleplay!
    531 18 7

    These are my OCs feel free to RP with them here too!

  • The Rise Of InkTek ((Discontinued for now.))
    249 23 21

    This book takes place in DJ-ACLux's Bassist inkopolis. Matt Miller had failed to kill Lux, and now a group known as the "InkTek Resistance" tries to accomplish what Miller could not. There might be a side story every now and then.

  • Behind The Mask
    329 20 5

    They were supposed to be the people you could trust without question. They were the ones who saved your life. But what do you do when the people who save your life really want to take it? Well, in that case, I'll be scheduling your appointment... (Cover art made by @DJAC_Lux !)

  • Duel of the DJs 3: Return of the King
    158 14 10

    The saga isn't over yet! After losing everything, Matt is sent through a portal back to the Shaded Realm. He finds Lux's grip over the realm is loosening, and takes his last chance to save the realm for good. He may meet resistance on the way, but in the end, one shall stand, one shall fall... (Special thanks to @DJ_A...

    Completed   Mature
  • Duel Of The DJs
    593 28 9

    During a regular investigation at a club, Matt gets transported to a different dimension after dealing with a mysterious DJ. He needs to find a way out, before he ends up trapped there, and under the control of the Hypnoshades... (The incredible cover art was made by @Kinzoku2! Check her stuff out!)

  • Duel of the DJs 2: Uprising
    306 20 10

    After becoming King of the Shaded Realm, which is now known as the Cyan Realm, Matt faces a new challenge. His girlfriend Kinzie came to bring him home, but got shaded. It's up to Matt to save her, and potentially the rest of the realm from falling under the rule of a tyrant once more... (Cover art, once again, was ma...