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  • Crazy girl in Medicine
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    A story of a girl who enters into a medical college for her parent's wish. She doesn't like to study medicine, her wish is to become a fashion designer. Will she survive there? She wants to quit that course by anyway until she met one person who changed her thoughts. Meanwhile, her twin brother Aadhi will give her t...

  • Insanity
    826 79 17

    myungsoo: a bad boy from a broken home meets woohyun, the perfect boy with the perfect image. however.. no one is really perfect.. are they? they always say opposites attract

  • One For The Road
    75.5K 3.7K 64

    "Oh my god, this Corvette is so fucking sexy." I ran my hand along the peeling red paint. It wasn't in the best condition, but a Corvette was a Corvette. "Can I drive it?" "There's no engine. We used it for parts," Drake said. My heart sank into my stomach, and I let out a wheeze. "You what?" "We were running low on f...

  • Can't Forget You, My Love💝 (Completed)
    67.2K 3.5K 69

    # 1 in Profession (24/9/19) # 5 in service (23/9/19) This is the heart touching story of three beautiful people Dhiya, Akshadh & Janu. Dhiya and Akshadh are Famous Oncologists by profession. Janu is a Social worker. How these three peoples get connected? What will happen if Dhiya and Janu falls for Akshadh? Whom did A...

    855 107 21

    I don't know how i am going to live without my best friend's ?" -jade _____________________________________ "Something bout you, make me feel like a dangerous women....nahhhhhh" mary singing while jumping in bed "Don't you think you sing like a monkey? " maya said to mary, all of them started laughing "Even monkey...

  • The Journey of True Love
    1.4K 148 7

    True love is the most precious thing in life, and no one can leave their real love for anything else. Keep and protect them in your heart. True love doesn't happen right away; it's an ever-growing process. It develops after you've gone through many ups and downs, when you've suffered together, cried together, laughed...

  • Two Hearts
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    #38 in General fiction on 3.8.18 #36 in reality on 25.10.18 #33 in reality on 10.9.18 #26 in reality on 12.9.18 #25 in reality on 3.10.18 #1 in hugs on 17.10.18 #19 in reality on 7.11.18 #15 in reality on 19.11.18 #35 in happiness on 20.11.18 # 4 in reality on 16.1.2019 #32 in Indian on 22.1.19 A tale of two people wh...

  • Only in dreams | Completed √
    4.3K 758 53

    Struggled, Struggling ,going to struggle to be in love.... ❤

  • The Flame
    73.8K 4.4K 46

    #1 in cute love on 4.9.19 #83 in General fiction on 2.8.18 #29 in reality on 10.9.18 #56 in happiness on 24.11.18 #3 in husband and wife on 29.12.18 #7 in Indian out of 8k stories on 24.2.19 ◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆ Its based on a real life incident.. A girl loses her trust over all men and think all are same.. What wou...

  • Daughter of an INDIAN
    498 66 11

    She was 16 when she took the first step towards that world. Little did she know, there was no coming back and what was coming up her way. Bound with responsibilities, still had a fire to accomplish her desire. Aware of the situation and that her family won't support, had to lie to everyone. Her life became nothing mo...

  • Yes, to be his ( Summer Secrets - 1 Summer Engagement)- on hold
    48.2K 2.2K 23

    "so, what have you decided?" my mother enquired. Her lips pressed in a thin line, her face emotionless, her eyes focused on me with anticipation. She impatiently waited for my answer. And I gave her what she wanted, "yes, I will marry him", I said looking directly into her eyes that were brimming with joy. _________...