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  • Good Drugs
    6.9K 1.9K 19

    "Beg for mercy!" Dean demanded. His voice hummed lower than the purr of the RV engine running under the spurs of the hot sun. The cool teal between his stare oozed over my body like lava and I shivered in his tight grip. My lips scathed across the skin of his gun, it was hot, heavy and loaded, as blood coursed to t...

  • Princess Bellona: A Warrior Is Born
    22.1K 9.4K 20

    HIGHEST RANK#12 IN ADVENTURE ON 1/2/2018 Lona and her kind are humans but are gifted with super speed and strength that no regular human possesses. She never in her wildest dreams thought that her father would want her dead. But he do. She possesses a power that none of her kind has ever witness, and King Tai will st...

  • Dare to Date
    1.5K 552 13

    Stella Jones has the most perfect life, well only according to her. She has a perfect boyfriend, a perfect family and perfect friends. She is a daring person. She has never said no to a dare. Whether it is trimming a cat's fur or bursting a craker in the principle's office or kissing a random guy's hand and telling h...