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  • My Fiance is a Mafia boss? (Boyxboy)
    544K 18.3K 29

    He's small figured, paled skin, white hair, cute face, small pink lips and innocent green eyes that makes people want him. Turning into obsession that made his life the worst. Until he met his fiance... The Boss of the World's Powerful Mafia.

    Completed   Mature
    137K 7.5K 28

    ~COMPLETED~ One night at a Hollywood party in Vegas ends in Harvey drunkenly getting married to obnoxious A list actor Damon Andrate Solte! After parting ways and swearing to never meet again, Harvey looses his sister and is left with his nephew but the child is going to be taken unless..... Yeah... His powerful, ri...

    40.9K 586 15

    Feng Ming was only 19 when he lost his life saving a child from death without hesitation. The grateful father of the rescued child grants Feng Ming a second chance at life. Unknown to Feng Ming, his soul is whisked away to a far away ancient land (resembling the dynasties of China). Upon waking up, he finds himself in...

    Completed   Mature
  • Belonging To Them (boyxboyxboyxboy)
    1.1M 43.8K 32

  • Lords of the Underworld [malexmale]
    2.7M 112K 41

    [Book 12] A war is coming. The very fate of our universe is at stake. If they fail, we're doomed. If they succeed, whoopdee-friggin'-doo. Or so Hades, lord of the Greek Underworld, seems to think. The god with a shield of sarcastic armor and a stone cold heart. But even the coldest of gods seek warmth. It's too bad no...

    Completed   Mature
  • Redemption [malexmale]
    1.6M 79.9K 31

    [Book 9] Thorn, Son of Lucifer and Guardian of Purgatory. His life is a miserable lonely cesspool, until one day Hades and Lucifer cut a deal that involves a particularly sexy Greek god residing within the confines of Thorn's home. And for a man that loves forbidden fruit, Thorn will do anything to get his hands on th...

    Completed   Mature
  • Being Their Omega (BXBXB) {COMPLETED}
    563K 21.9K 33

    Boy x boy x boy werewolf story. The poor omega finally finds his mate, which is a soon to be Alpha of a different pack.

    Completed   Mature
  • Lover for Pay: The Escort & the Teacher (manxman)
    858K 38.5K 27

    After coming home for the first time in four years, London Dawncraft takes responsibility for looking after his younger brother and sister. To make sure they have the money to get by, he acts as a male escort for anyone willing to pay his pricey fee. When rich man Marbell Matthews pays for a night, he thoroughly surpr...

    Completed   Mature
  • The General's Black Bellied Little Wifey (BL)
    183K 10.8K 25

    A forced marriage by the emperor's edict? Fine, I'll get married. (Although I'm a man in drag clothing) Consummation night? Sorry, I can't do it. I'm having my period. (Are you joking?) The General's army are being surrounded by enemies? He will be fine, I'll save him. (Wifey to the rescue!!) (story by KazukiYuu) rev...

    Completed   Mature
  • Kidnapped By The Mafia [manxboy] {completed} RE-WRITING
    949K 27.2K 19

    Caleb Theodore Edmundson is your average, cheeky 21 year old. Works at a night bar and has a bestfriend named Micheal who tends to get into trouble. What more could he ask for? Well, that's until he catches the eye of the boss of the biggest Mafia there is. Luke Worthington is a man who is hard to please. He gets wh...

    Completed   Mature
  • Student and Teacher (BxB)
    804K 22.3K 29

    Jordan is a 16 year old boy who is a Junior in High school. He's gay and very open about it. But the girls don't care and they all fawn over him. Some guys fawn over him too while others want to be him. Jordan doesn't like being popular one bit. He's a straight A student. Until a particular someone came to school. A n...

  • Guardian [malexmale]
    1M 50.9K 18

    [Book 5] Blaine has been a slave his entire life, but he won't submit without a fight, especially with his new owner, the famous guardian of the Greek underworld, Cerberus. Even if his master claims he loves him. Love doesn't exist, Blaine knows. There is only freedom. [PART OF A SERIES. READ INFERI FIRST] [Warning: C...

    Completed   Mature
  • My Secret Mate (boyxboy) [SK series]
    1.3M 36.5K 42

  • Lucifer's Mate {Editing}
    364K 11.8K 42

    Book one Lucifer, Malevelont and truly the most cruellest being in existence with out a doubt. No one can ever be so drenched in sin and darkness as he. One day this same being decides to invade the peaceful paradise of heaven, for a little fun as you would call it. And while he and his demons were busy butchering the...

    Completed   Mature
  • Disobedient Submissive (BDSM)
    599K 19.9K 51

    ⚫️"Sure, I was prepared to get a bratty boy but no one ever mentioned he'd steal my heart too. Something I can't punish him for" ⚫️ ➖Fletcher Lent. *BDSM * Mason Dharma, incoming freshman to the Correcting Delinquents Schoolhouse with an awful attitude. Beginning as submissive, he's paired with the strict, dominant, F...

    Completed   Mature
  • P E T
    908K 30.1K 34

    Was it bad that I love not one, but two of my brothers friends? - When I was younger I followed my older brother around all the time. His friend, Caesar, often called me a dog. I never minded. As I grew older he never stopped calling me dog, I guess because I never stopped following them around. But now, he called m...

    Completed   Mature
  • Night Nurse (ManxMan) TLC Book #1
    3M 81.1K 22

    Aubry St. John is a shy young thing, always shying away from any form of negative confrontations. He is a brilliant Critical Care Nurse, always compassionate, always caring to his patients. He was a real team player always giving a helping hand to other staff members on collegues. Everyone but a select few who envied...

    Completed   Mature
  • Baby Doll (manxboy) ✓
    4.4M 124K 36

    I was normal once. The average guy you would pass on the street and not think twice about. But that was before I met Him. He's my boss, my master, my owner, my everything. He changed me into something I could have never imagined being. I am his sex slave. His Baby Doll. Warning: KINKY with extreme bdsm elements Featur...

    Completed   Mature
  • Pleasure Doing Business
    10.9M 333K 57

    Starved for love, Rowan Vheris and Sullivan Delaney are quickly consumed with each other. With death threats and personal challenges at every corner, they have to rely on each other to survive their relationship. When business turns into pleasure, things get messy quickly and the only way to fix the issue is to merge...

    Completed   Mature
  • Swim With Me
    1.4M 91K 41

    Laken Murdock belongs in the water, even his name shows it. Ever since he was little, he has loved swimming and anything to do with being in water. So it comes to no surprise that he is the Captain of the swim team at his University. He's popular for taking the school to victory every year and being in his last year b...

    Completed   Mature
  • Loving His Submission
    10.7M 341K 71

    Twenty-one year old Lane Wilder lives up to his name. A young college student that has fun in life and only worries about his next lay. With painful past memories, he's striving to make something of himself. He's got back on his feet, slowly, and now he's got a good life. Lane isn't perfect though, he makes mistakes l...

    Completed   Mature
  • Loving His Dominance
    3.2M 141K 46

    Michael Santiago just opened his restaurant by day, club by night: The Backdoor. He's wanted to open his own restaurant since he was younger and finally he's done it. Now with his dream come true up and running, he has the chance to have some fun instead of working all the time. He ventures to a new kink club in the c...

    Completed   Mature
  • Princely [MxM]
    895K 40.4K 86

    • BOOK #1 OF THE PRINCELY SERIES • Alabaster has been called many things in his life. Good things, bad things, mediocre things. And at this point in, he's stopped caring what other people think. That is until he crosses paths with a man at the club he works at. He's got nothing to lose and nothing to gain and somehow...

    Completed   Mature
  • My Home Is With You [m×m; mpreg]
    677K 40.3K 50

    There are sacrifices we have to make. There are people we would give everything for. And still, all I want to do is pretend this isn't happening, pretend my family wasn't taken away simply because they're immigrants, because their skin isn't as white as snow or because they can't speak English well. Everything I ever...

    Completed   Mature
    397K 11.8K 26

    Cole's never known the meaning of the word love. His parents never utter the word to him, nor did anyone else. Well that could be due to him never spending time with anyone else. So when he's shipped off to spend the summer in a new country with a grandmother he didn't even know existed and meets the strikingly beauti...

  • The Alpha's Mate
    183K 5.6K 22

    Derrek is Mr.popular and soon to be alpha of his pack yea pack as in wolf pack he is a werewolf he has a big ego and expects everyone to worship the ground he walks on, but his destined to be mate wont let him have his way, will Derrek be able to settle down or will he lose his love forever.

    Completed   Mature
  • Finally Together (boyxboy) Editing
    449K 12.6K 35

    Skylar Gray has a past that no one knows of, not even himself. All he knows is that he escaped from a Hunter's attack three years ago. While he was on the run, he met some rogues that left him almost dead. Since then, Skylar has been having dreams and visions for years that left him screaming in fear. So what happens...

  • Hidden in the shadows
    364K 12.7K 17

    Dakota, being the omega, never knew what it was like to have friends or family. So when he finds out who his mate is how will he handle it? Tanner is the upcoming alpha of the pack called Silver Eclipse, he's cocky, rude, and never shows his true emotions. Imagine his reaction on his 18th birthday when he finds out w...

  • Wolf Boy (BoyxBoy)(slash)
    834K 37K 26

    Julian is the soon to be alpha of the Midnight pack. Noah is the unfortunate punching bag of the Moonblood pack. The run down pack that is asking for the help of the Midnight pack. Beaten beyond comprehension and starved for most of life, Noah has no trust or love for any one or thing. Can Julian change that? by the...

    Completed   Mature
  • Unbelievable (bxb) (LBGT)
    320K 15.2K 25

    Gunner Madison is moving himself and his brother and sister back to the home his parents built. Weird things start happening and wolves become a very big deal. Logan Rivers is training for one of the most important thing in his life. He will have to fight and fight hard to get it. Or will the new kid take it all away?