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  • The Godly Avenger
    187K 3.7K 32

  • The Exiled
    82.7K 2.5K 13

    All families have secrets. Some are small, some are not. But in an immortal family, those secrets are eternal. Millennia come and go but some secrets never fade. Olympus' biggest secret was buried so deep none thought it could ever return. How wrong they were. Everything will change and none are safe. How it ends for...

  • Rogue Power || Percy Jackson the Avenger
    73.3K 2.7K 15

    Percy Jackson. The greatest demigod to ever walk on earth. S.H.I.E.L.D has always had him on their watch, but when Loki suddenly springs up, it is time for a potential threat to become their possible greatest ally. And as Percy is brought in to headquarters, Annabeth Chase is dragged along as well. [This is a Percy J...

  • My Uncle the Avenger
    196K 6.3K 18

    After the Giant War, you'd think Percy Jackson would be the most popular demigod around. Not accused of murder and shunned from the world of mythology, only trusted by Annabeth, Tyson and Grover. Scared and alone, he flees from Camp Half-Blood. _.-._.-._.-._.-._ After fighting the Chitauri, all Tony Stark wants is p...

  • Broken (Percy Jackson/Avengers crossover)
    1.2M 38.6K 52

    After the giant war, Percy Jackson's sanity was completly broken.Jason is gone. Piper is gone. Leo is gone. Frank is gone. Hazel is gone. Annabeth is dead. They all left Percy but at what cost? At the cost of Gaia's defeat. When Nick Fury thinks that Earth is threatened by Percy Jackson, Fury sends the Avengers to re...

  • My Mom's Brother
    293K 8.1K 34

    Percy is heart Broken after the war with Gaea. He is left with no one. Except depression, with the gods not caring and the avengers the only ones there. Can they help him? Mother missing and step father dead percy has to face one of his biggest challenges yet, his own sanity as he meets people he just wants to forget...

  • The avenge full job of percy Jackson
    474K 14.8K 26

    Percy gets a job at stark tower, his job? The assistant and body guard of tony stark When the avengers move in they start to pry into his demigod life causing problems Percy is waiting for annabeth to finish Olympus so they can go to Rome but that has to wait Loki is back and he's not going down without a prize or in...

  • Family Ties (Percy Jackson and the Avengers)
    132K 4.1K 13

    This is the sequel to Family Habits. If you have not read Family Habits, go read that one and then come back. :)

  • Family Habits ( Percy Jackson and the Avengers)
    1.2M 31.1K 19

    Percy moves in with his long lost uncle, the great Tony Stark, a year after his mom and step-dad's disappearances. How will things play out with Percy's new girl and his new family. Also can he keep his demigod secret with two prying scientists, three spies, a well-meaning veteran, and an Asgardian who knows more than...

  • Percy Jackson and Uncle Stark (Rewrite and Better) *Complete*
    256K 9K 25

    17 year old Percy returns from defeating Gaea, Annabeth died leaving a heart-broken demigod who leaves camp. He goes to his mother's place and spends two days there, when he finds a note when he returned from school...he walks to the bedroom and gasps, crying silently. His mother and Paul are dead in bed. Percy goes t...

    Completed   Mature
  • Marvel Half-Blood
    570K 17.5K 25

    A few days after the giant war, Percy is alone in the world. A week out of Tartarus, EVERYONE is gone... all because of Gaia. Now a group of "super heroes" want Percy, but he wants to be left alone. There's something big coming, something that only two people have seen, but three have experienced. Only one is still al...

  • Looking For Help
    263K 8.4K 27

    The Avengers had crossed paths with a group of frightening monsters. After being defeated by them, Thor leads the team towards a friend of him, seeking for help. Percy Jackson opens the door of his appartment to find an odd group of people asking for his help. Percy Jackson and The Avengers crossover. All the rights...

  • Spider man VS percy Jackson
    274K 12.6K 39

    Percy Jackson His powers went over the limit when he left..... That place He stubbed his toe an the sink exploded His powers are being used for good ad the mortals call him the Mist Peter Parker He's trying to finish school When he makes a new friend, percy His world brightens But his hero world is full of competi...

  • The Eye
    338K 14.4K 47

    They call him, "The Eye." As in the center of the storm. The calm amidst the chaos. The perfect agent with no strings attached. That is, until he's given an assignment to work with the famous team called the avengers. Working with this team will bring back unwanted memories and a war with his past. A world he left lon...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Boy Born From the Sea
    750K 29K 68

    Fury has decided that the Avengers need a new team member. After careful consideration, he sends Halo (actually wanting to get rid of him), hoping that the agent could change the team for the better. Halo wasn't really known by any agents except for the fact that he didn't respond to his name, Perseus. WARNING! YAOI I...

  • Percy Jackson, the Avengers, and the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
    264K 7.1K 33

    Percy and Annabeth are finishing high school at Midtown High. Phil and his team are trying to find the terrorist, Perseus Jackson. What will Percy do when offered to save the world again, but this time, with the Avengers. A/N: This takes place after the Blood of Olympus, Season 2 of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., and Aveng...

  • Percy Jackson and the Avengers (Percy Jackson Fanfiction)
    664K 20.9K 34

    ACTUAL BOO SPOILERS!!!! Percy was hoping for an uninterrupted final year of school with Annabeth after the Giant war. Of course, he didn't get it. This year's interruption wasn't monsters -which was odd, it usually was. This year it was a group of people who wanted to kidnap him for some reason...